Derbyshire War Memorials
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Derbyshire War Memorials

War Memorials in Ripley Cemetery, Cemetery La, Ripley, Derbyshire

Askin, A
Beastall, T
Barker, C E
Brearley, Tpr N
Brown, LCpl J M
Clower, A
Clower, W E
Cresswell, Rmn B
Cresswell, G B
Dixon, Rmn C M
Elliott, L B
Fletcher, Sgt F G
Gibson, J T
Green, Cpl J H
Green, T H
Gunn, Sgt K G, RAF
Hay, T G
Jeffries, Bdr A H
Knapp, Pte W
Lynam, Pte W
Matthews, Bdr R
Moore, J
Redfern, A A
Smith, H
Spalding, A
Taylor, Tpr J H
Unwin, W
Wadkinson, G S
Wainwright, A
Walters, W
Webster, N
Webster, T W
Winchcomb, Pte F J
Winchcomb, Pte W T
These are all of the known war memorials (not graves) known from this site.
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