Derbyshire War Memorials
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Memorial Title

Holloway United Methodist Chapel
(Holloway Methodist Church)


Derbyshire War Memorials: a description of a WW1 war memorial roll of honour at Holloway Methodist Church commemorating those from the Holloway United Methodist Chapel.
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Last known location:
Holloway Methodist Church
Church St
Nearest postcode:

SK 32406 56565
(From online digital mapping.)
Location details:
The memorial is unmounted but when surveyed it was displayed inside the main church.
Overall type: Roll of honour.

Overall condition: Fair. The inscription is legible and the memorial is cared for.


A framed and glazed roll of honour printed on paper in full colour. At the head is a depiction of the Buck in the Park (part of the heraldic arms of the former County Borough of Derby) surrounded by the words "COUNTY BOROUGH OF DERBYSHIRE" (although there has never been any such organisation). Below that is a depiction of Florence Nightingale superimposed over an array of fourteen flags representing the allied nations of WW1 and below that is the heading in black decorative sentence case gothic lettering with enhanced capital letters in red and yellow. At the centre is a depiction of an unfurled scroll with names arranged in four columns in elaborate decorative script, the fallen prefixed with a small cross. At the foot is an allegorical depiction of Justice set within an oval panel. In the lower margin are explanatory notes, the names of church officials and the name of the printer. The frame is of wooden moulding and bears a small plastic plaque with the name of the donor.


Component Material Height Width Depth Condition
Roll of honour Paper 990 660 - Fair
Frame Wood, glass 1235 905 35 Fair
Plaque Plasic 10 125 2 Fair
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
Head of the memorial:

United Methodist Chapel, Holloway,
Roll of Honour

Names, column 1: Names, column 2:
 Sergt. James Halksworth, T.S.C.  Pte. Jesse Chas. Parr, D.I.Y.
+ Pte. William Andrew Hughes, N & D.  Sap. Geo. Wm. Storer, R.E.
 Pte. Joseph Holmes, N & D.  Lieut. Wm. S. Aulton, R.F.C.
 Major Harold Futvoye Lea, W.Y.  Pte. Geo. Wm. Knowles, N & D.
 Lieut J. B. A. Marsden-Smedley, R.N.  Pte. Chas. Crooks, R.M.P.
 2nd Lieut E. Simpson Oliver, I.A.R.O.  Pte. Wm. Curzon, N & D.
 Corpl. Ernest R. Snowball, D.S.Y.  Pte. Harry Thorpe, S.F.
 Corpl. Arthur Wigley, R.F.C.  Pte. Wm. Knowles, M.R.
 Pte. Stanley Wykes, N & D.  Pte. Jno. Knowles, N & D.
 Sergt. Wm. Broomhead, H.O.R.L. + 2nd Lieut. G. F. Marsden-Smedley, R.N.
 Pte. H. Clarkstone, N & D.  2nd Lieut. Wm. E. Yeomans, W.R.
 Gnnr A. M. Hall, T.C.  Pte. Edwin Marsh, M.R.
 Pte. D. Ollerenshaw, H.O.R.L.  Pte. Frank Marshall, M.R.
 Sergt. F. Ollerenshaw, T.C.  Gunnr. Jas. Wortley, R.F.A.
 Pte. Roy Ollerenshaw, S.F.  Pte. A. S. Nowell, S.F.
 Pte. H. Crooks, E.Y. + Pte. Arthur Brown, S.F.
 Sergt. A. Dockeril, R.F.A.  Trooper G. N. Hanford, S.R.Y.
+ Pte. H. Marsh, S.F.  Pte. Jno. A. Radford, S.F.
 Pte. C. F. Marriott, R.M.  Pte. F. Mc.Millan, B.W.
 Lieut. H. L. Hugo Payne, R.H.A.  Sap. H. E. Holmes, R.E.
 Pte. W. Swift, R.M.  Pte. J. N. Lowe, A.S.C.
 Lce. Sergt. W. P. Knowles, MM S.F.  2nd A. M. Wm. H. Potter, R.F.C.
+ Lieut. Geo. F. Walker, Y & P.  Pte. J. H. Beardsley, R.S.
 Pte. L. R. Leafe, S.F.  Sergt. Thos. Wm. Marsh, G.H.
 Lce. Corpl. Geo. Gaunt, Y.L.I.  Seaman Harold Potter, R.N.
 Driver Robert Simpson, R.F.A.  Trooper Alfd. Wm. Knowles, D.I.Y.
 Sergt. Jno. A. Hanford, R.E.  Sigr. S. Arthur Bartlett, R.F.A.
 Pte. Jno. Price, S.S.  Corpl. Wm. Hodgkinson, MM S.F.
 Driver Arthur Thorpe, A.S.C.  Pte. Saml. Crooks, S.F.
 Lce. Corpl Wm. Fox, N & D.  Lce. Corpl. G. A. Dawes, L.N.L.
 Pte. Samuel Jessop, R.A.M.C.  Lce. Corpl. B. S. Hanford Y & L.
 Sergt. F. Harrison Slater, R.A.M.C.  Lce. Corpl. Thos. B. Lowe, N & D.

 Sergt. Edwin Allwood, A.I.
 Lce. Corpl. Fred Allwood, A.I.
 Driver Harry Briggs, A.I.F.

Names, column 3: Names, column 4:
 Pte. Frank Newton, S.F.  Pte. Geo. Allwood, G.R.
 Pte. Thos. Slack, S.F.  Pte. Edwin Leafe, S.Y.
 Pte. Albt. Hy. Henshaw, R.B.  Sapr. Robert Limb, R.E.
 Sapr. Frank Peach, R.E.  Driver C. A. Davis, A.S.C.
 Pte. Walter Bunting, MM N.F.  Lce. Corpl. B. Thorpe, M.G.S.
 Pte. Allan Millward, S.S.  Sapr. Wm. Spencer, R.E.
 Pte. Jack Peach S.F.  Gunr. J. Wm. Wragg, R.G.A.
+ Pte. Fredk. Smith, N & D.  Sapr. H. C. Parr, R.E.
 Pte. Jos. K. Fritchley, N & D.  Pte. Saml. Broomhead, L.N.
 Pte C. Barker, G.R.  Pte. T. W. Slater, E.L.
 Pte. E. Allen Petts, N & D.  Pte. G. W. T. Barton, R.G.A.
 Pte. J. Hodgkinson, N.S.  Pte. A. Millward, S.F.
 Gunr. Saml. Gregory, R.G.A.  Gunr. G. A. V. Price, R.G.A.
 Gunr. P. Henshaw, R.G.A.  Pte. J. H. Sellors, S.F.
 Pte. Geo. Radford, N & D.  Gunr. Wm. Worthy, R.F.A.
 Cyclist J. Conquest, R.C.B.  Driver J. W. Else, R.F.A.
 Pte. Jno. Else, N.S.  Pte. Chas. Limb, A.S.C.
 Pte. Wm. Walker, E.Y.  Driver J. W. Turner, R.F.A.
+ Pte. F. Geo. Hawley, N.S.  Gunr. Wm. Thorpe, R.G.A.
 Sigr. Wm. Brown, R.F.A.  Pte. C. E. Machin, W.Y.
+ Pte. Thos. Hodgkinson, S.F.  Pte. F. Else, W.Y.
 Pte. Percy Roe, S.F.  Pte. S. Underwood, S.S.
 1st A. M. Wm. Foster, R.F.C.  Pte. R. E. G. Cowley, T.R.
 Pte. C. A. E. Bunting, S.F.  Sigr. Joseph Knowles, R.G.A.
 Pte. Saml. Steeples, S.F.  Pte. Wm. Petts, D.L.I.
 Pte. Geo. Wm. Ward, S.F.  Pte. J. E. Amatt,
 Pte. Chas. Wildgoose, S.F.  Gunr. Hy. Ollerenshaw, R.G.A.
 Pte. Wm. Newton, K.O.Y.L.I.  Pte. Wm. Johnson, L.R.
 Gunr. L. B. Wigley, R.G.A.  Pte. Edd. Worthy, A.S.C.
 Pte. Harry Wykes, N & D.  Pte. Jack Hudson, R.F.C.
 Lieut. J. Edwd. Benison, S.A.  Pte. Lewis Wheeldon, R.A.M.C.
 Pte. Ernest Fern, K.O.Y.L.I.  Revd. John Sellors, C.F.
    Pte. J. Wm. Sturgess Holmes,

    Driver Wm. Crooks, C.E.
   + Pte. F. E. Davis, P.P.C.L.I.
   + Pte. H. Oakley, C.S.
    Pte. A. Oakley, P.P.C.L.I.
    Gunr. A. Walker, C.A.B.

Foot of the memorial:
+ Killed. MM Military Medal.  Minister: Rev. Robert Percival.
Stewards: Mr. William Newton, Senr.
     Mr. Charles Knowles.
Honey & Co., 40, Bank St., Sheffield.

Foot of the frame:

Conflicts and people named:
Conflict First World War (1914-1919) Totals
Number died  10  10
Number served and returned 127 127
Total names 137 137
Custodian: Presumed to be the church managers.

Local authorities:
From WW1: Dethick, Lea and Holloway Parish Council; Belper Rural District Council; Derbyshire County Council.
From 1974: Dethick, Lea and Holloway Parish Council; Amber Valley Borough Council; Derbyshire County Council.
Unknown date: The memorial was made by Honey & Co, Illuminators of 40, Bank St., Sheffield.

Unknown date: The memorial was presented by Mr G S Marple.

14th August, 1985: The church was listed Grade II, Heritage List for England number 1109179.

11th September 2016: The memorial was surveyed by Roy Branson and Anne Branson. It was in fair condition and cared for. The inscription and names were transcribed by Annette Carter.
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