Derbyshire War Memorials
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Memorial Title

Nottingham Road District - Board (Lost)

Derbyshire War Memorials: a description of a temporary WW1 war memorial board formerly on Nottingham Road, Derby.
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Last known location:
Nottingham Rd
Nearest postcode:
DE21 6AN

SK 36522 36607
(From online digital mapping.)
Location details:
The memorial was on the south side of Nottingham Rd, about 5m west of the junction with St Mark's Rd.
Overall type: Board.

Overall condition: Lost


Variously called a roll of honour and a shrine, it seems to have been an oaken board, possibly recessed within a case or frame because a description refers to "figured oak" and the "interior work". It may have been mounted on poles or similar as proposed "stone piers" were never provided. The names, and any inscription, were presumably incised but the style and layout is unknown.

Component Material Height Width Depth Condition
Board Oak - - - Lost
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
[Any inscription is unknown, but the names of the fallen are recorded.]

Pte. H. E. Applegate, Pte. Brooks, Gunner Day, Pte. A. Denton, L-cpl. G. Dyer, Pte. S. Eyre, Pte. W. A. Gamble, Pte. R. J. Lee, Sergt. A. Millington, Lance-corpl. W. Needham, Pte J. W. Tomlinson.

[The names of a further 184 serving at that time were also inscribed but are not now known.

The style and layout of the names and inscription are not known.]
Conflicts and people named:
Conflict First World War (1914-1919)
Number died  11
Number served and returned 184
Total names 195
Custodian: —

Local authorities:
Before 1974: Derby County Borough Council (Derby Corporation)
From 1974 to 1997: Derby District (later Borough and from 1977 City) Council and Derbyshire County Council.
Since 1997 the unitary authority has been Derby City Council.
1st September, 1917: The memorial was unveiled by Cllr Chambers.

By November, 1920: The memorial had been removed in preparation for construction of the permanent one in the same location.
Derby Telegraph; 1st September, 1917, p:a report on the unveiling ceremony including a partial description and names of the fallen.

Derby Telegraph; 8th November, 1920, p3: a report on the unveiling of the permanent memorial refers to the earlier provision of the temporary one.
The Nottingham Road district was described as comprising 350 houses, from which over 200 men had joined the forces.

This report has been based on the two references given above.

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