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Breadsall Memorial Hall
Setting Inscription
Last known location:
Breadsall Memorial Hall
Brookside Rd
Nearest postcode:
DE21 5LF

SK 37279 39659
From online digital mapping.
Location details:
The hall is on the north side of the road. The roll of honour is on the west wall of the main hall, to the left of the stage when facing it.
Overall type: Memorial Hall.

Overall condition: Good. The inscription is legible.


A brick and tile memorial hall containing a glazed and framed roll of honour. The roll of honour is written in mainly sentence case blue and black calligraphy on paper and is mounted in a moulded wooden frame with repeated motif and a gilded inner border. The frame is partially obscured by the handrail leading to the stage. It is unclear whether the adjacent playing fields form part of the memorial. (See the references below.)


Component Material Height Width Depth Condition
Memorial Hall Brick, tile - - - Good
Roll of honour Paper c590 c450 - Good
Frame Wood, glass 720 580 c30 Good
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
Dedicated to the Memory of
G. Endsor
W. K. S. Haslam
W. Hoften
T. H. Hopkins
R. P. Howitt
W. H Langford
W. Ladham
P. Lowe
A. Orme
A. W. R. McAusland
A. Moore
J. Perry
A. Shirley
T Smeaton
J. H. R. Barker
H. M Bull
A. M. Cowgill
A. Ecob
J. R. Fell
Nora K. Johnson
G. H. Moss
J. R. Page
S. Page
G. J. Robinson
Dedicated by the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Derby,
and Opened by His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, M.C., J.P..
on Saturday 24th September 1955.

Conflicts and people commemorated

Conflict First World War (1914-1919) Second World War (1939-1945)
Number died 14 10
Number served and returned  0  0
Total names 14 10
Custodians:Presumed to be the Breadsall Memorial Hall and Playing Fields Association.

Local Authorities:
From WW2: Breadsall Parish Council; Shardlow Rural District Council; Derbyshire County Council.
From 1974: Breadsall Parish Council; Erewash Borough Council; Derbyshire County Council.
5th September, 1944: The parish council decided to call a special meeting to discuss the provision of a war memorial.

April, 1945: The annual parish meeting decided that playing fields would be an appropriate war memorial but there was also a suggestion that a village hall might be provided.

24th September, 1955: The memorial hall was dedicated by the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Derby, and opened by His Grace the Duke of Devonshire.

3rd May, 2015: The memorial hall and roll of honour were surveyed by Roy Branson. They were in good condition.
Derby Telegraph; 6th September, 1944; p5; col4 - A brief report of the parish council meeting.

Derby Telegraph; 11th April,1945; p5; col3 - A report of the annual parish meeting discussions on the provision of playing fields or a village hall.
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