Derbyshire War Memorials
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Memorial Title

St Michael's Church - WW1 Roll of Honour (2)

Derbyshire War Memorials: A description of a WW1 war memorial roll of honour in St Michael's Church, Breaston, Derbyshire.
Setting Memorial Roll of Honour
Last known location:
St Michael's Church
Main St (A6005)
Nearest postcode:
DE72 3DX

SK 46006 33505
(From online digital mapping.)
Location details:
The church is on the south side of the road in the centre of the village. The roll of honour is inside, on the south wall of the south aisle, at the east end.
Overall type: Roll of Honour.

Overall condition: Fair. The inscription is legible.


A framed and glazed paper roll of honour. There are two adjacent rolls for WW1: this is the wider one with names in three columns, and appears to be the newer of the two. The principal headings and texts are in red and black capital roman calligraphy with the names in black calligraphy with those of the fallen prefixed with a small red cross. The frame is of narrow wooden beading.

Component Material Height Width Depth Condition
Roll of Honour Paper 660 415 - Fair
Frame Wood, glass 740 485 15 Fair
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
 Adkin George
 Archer Arthur
+ Archer Charles Henry
 Baldwin Cecil
+ Barker Charles
 Barker Joseph
 Barker George
+ Beech Edwin
 Bestwick Everard Stanley
 Bird Fred
 Bond Fred
 Bosworth Leon C
 Bowley Edward
 Briggs James
 Burley Albert
 Chilvers William
 Cholerton John Thomas
 Clewes Henry
 Clewes Richard Joseph
 Cole William
+ Cowing Ralph Henry
+ Clifton George
 Daft Harold
+ Daft Henry
 Daft William
 Dakin Peter
+ Daykin Harold
 Daykin William Henry Laurence
 Davies Clement
 Derrick Arthur
 Derrick George
+ Domleo Robert Frearson
 Domleo Stephen John M.C. & C de G.
 Dugdale Robert Henry
 Dunning Percy Malcolm Douglas
 Elliott Walter
 Elston Titus George
 Elston John Henry
 Frearson Charles Hermon
 Fowkes Alonzo
+ Gamble Herbert
 Gamble Wilfred
 Gilbert Henry
+ Grebby Albert
+ Grebby Edgar
 Hall Benjamin
 Hall Francis Andrew
+ Hall William Arthur
 Hall Charles
 Hallam Arthur
+ Hallam Frederick
 Hammond James Henry
 Harrold Alfred Peskett
 Haslett Leonard James
 Harvey Charles Reginald MSM
+ Harvey Norman Victor
 Haycock Albert
 Hickling Edward Whitby
 Hill Thomas Fernyhough
 Hind Arnold Samuel
 Hogg Richard Arnold
+ Jardine Peter Grant
 Jeffs Jesse
 Kent George
+ Kent William
+ Last Fred
 Hutchinson German
 Stevenson, Archibald
 Leeke Charles
 Leeke Percy George
 Levers Joseph
 Levers Robert
 Levers Ted
 Lewis John
+ Litchfield George Henry
+ Langham Harry
 Lord Thomas
 Lowe Horace
+ Maltby Enoch Edward
 Maltby Harry M.M. DCM.
 Mannering Seth Payne
 Marks Francis Hedley
 Middleton Frederick
+ Middleton William
 Mills George William
+ Mills Harold
+ Mills Horace
+ Mills John
 Morley Samuel George
 Osborne Bernard M.M.
 Perks Albert William M.M.
 Perks Frank George
 Perkins Charles
 Plackett Arthur
 Plackett Bernard
 Plackett Cecil Henry
 Plackett Denis
+ Plackett Frank
+ Plackett George Henry
 Plackett Joseph
 Plackett Lawrence Ewart
 Plackett Vincent Harry
 Plackett William Leonard
 Plackett William Henry
 Plummer John
 Potter Horace Frank
 Potter Norman
 Pulpher Herbert
 Pulpher Leslie
 Read William
 Richardson Albert
 Rigby Thomas Harold
 Rippin George Richard
 Rippin Thomas
 Roberts Joseph
 Robinson John Arthur
 Ross Alfred
 Ross Frederick
 Russ Henry
 Sandy Joseph D.C.M.
 Sandy George
 Sandy William
+ Siddals Edgar James Startin
 Siddals George Henry
 Shaw William Andrew
+ Sheavyn William Frederick
 Slater George Stanley
 Smith Harold Walter
 Smith William Ernest
 Springthorpe George
+ Stevenson Arnold
 Stevenson John
 Stevenson Joseph Hind
 Stevenson Howard
+ Plackett Lewis.
 Walker Francis Willoughby C. de G.
 Ward Charles Malcolm
 Ward George
 Ward Neville Joseph
 Watson John Harrison M.C.
+ Watson Thomas Palmer M.C.
 Webb John
 West Henry
 White Arthur
 Williams Arthur
 Wildbur Joseph
 Winson Frank
 Wood Horace
 Woodward Clarence
 Woodward William Harold
 Elston Clarence John
 Stevenson Oliver Edward
 Allen Herbert
 Thorley Joseph
 Harvey Wilfred Ellis
 Hallam John William
+ Winson Walter
 Shepherd Percy
 Littlewood Arthur
 Summers Edgar
+ Howe George
 Lee Roland Wilfred
 Walker Thomas
 Wallis Harry
 Bestwick Arthur Henry Stanley
 Harvey George Vincent
 Lench Squire
 Meakin Albert Edward
 Horobin William John
 Robinson Percy
 Damon Robert
 Plummer Charles
 Stevenson Harold
+ Smith Montague Wilfred Aulton
 Clewes John Wilkinson.
 Kerry Edward
 Stone Charles
 Walker John Stanley M.M.
 Turner Alfred
 Wheatley Thomas
 Stevenson Arnold Samuel
+ Prust Harold
 Godsmark Ronald M.M.
 Kent Edgar
 Cook George William
 Haddock Charles John
 Hales Thomas
 Gamble Jesse
 Stevenson George Edward
 Clifton Benjamin Redvers
 Newbould William
 Stone Edward John William
 Caunt George Leslie
 Woodward Wilfred
 Siddals Christopher Herbert
 Stone George Edwin Burrows
 Hales John Henry
 Rigby John James H.
 Heath William.
 d’Haese Rene
 Verhoeven Joseph
 Elliott Raymond Walter
 Dury John

Conflicts and people named:
Conflict First World War (1914-1919)
Number died  35
Number served and returned 168
Total names 203
Custodian: Presumed to be the Parochial Church Council

Local authorities:
From WW1: Breaston Parish Council; Shardlow Rural District Council; Derbyshire County Council.
From 1974: Breaston Parish Council; Erewash Borough Council; Derbyshire County Council.
13th January 2016: The memorial was surveyed by Roy Branson and Alan Willmot. It was in fair condition and well cared for. The inscriptions and names were transcribed for this page by Annette Carter.
Page © Roy Branson