Derbyshire War Memorials
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Memorial Title

Ridgeway Memorial Community and Sports Centre


Derbyshire War Memorials: a description of a sports ground war memorial at Ridgeway, Derbyshire.
Last known location:
Ridgeway Sports and
 Social Club
Main Rd
Nearest postcode:
S12 3XR

SK 40214 81807
(From online digital mapping.)
Location details:
On the western side of the road.
Overall type: Sports Ground.

Overall condition: Fair. 


A sports ground of about 3ha including football and cricket pitches, tennis courts, bowling green, children's play areas and associated social buildings.

Component Material Height Width Depth Condition
Sports ground - c3ha - - Fair
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
Conflicts and people named:
Conflict Unspecified
Number died 0
Number served and returned 0
Total names 0
Custodian: Ridgeway Memorial Community And Sports Centre (Charity Registration number 213915)

Local authorities:
From WW1: Eckington Parish Council; Chesterfield Rural District Council; Derbyshire County Council
From 1974: Eckington Parish Council; North East Derbyshire District Council; Derbyshire County Council
1919: Kent House and associated land was purchased for £600 by Mr J J Hutton for development as a war memorial institute on the understanding that he would be reimbursed "some time".

1920: Nearly £2000 had been raised to reimburse Mr Hutton and fund development of the facilities.

1980s? Kent house was sold for use as private residence and the income used to further develop the sport and social facilities.

4th May, 2016: The memorial was surveyed by Roy Branson and Alan Willmot. It was in fair condition.
Derbyshire Courier; 1st May 1920, p6: A brief announcement of the acquisition of Kent House.

Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald: 5th January 1924, p1: A detailed account of the history of Kent House and its acquisition and development as a war memorial.

The managing charity was previously known as Ridgeway War Memorial and currently uses the working name of Ridgeway Sports & Social Club

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