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Derby is particularly difficult to index because there are so many localities. Peripheral villages such as Spondon and Mickleover were not included until the 1960s, and older localities such as Litchurch and Rowditch have been redeveloped so that their boundaries can no longer be identified. Other localities, such as Five Lamps, the West End and the City Centre are unofficial terms widely used for convenience. The following list attempts to help locate sites but needs to be used with imagination. You can also search from our online map.
Ashbourne Rd area
Breadsall Hilltop
Broadway area
 Also see Uttoxeter New Road Cemetery
Castle Ward
Chester Green, see Little Chester
City Centre (Inside inner ring road)
Darley Abbey
Derwent Park Estate, see Five Lamps
Five Lamps area
Friar Gate area
Leylands area
Little Chester
New Normanton
New Zealand
Nottingham Road area
Nottingham Road Cemetery
Parkfields area
Pear Tree
Pride Park
 For former Locomotive Works see Litchurch
Rose Hill
St Luke's
Shelton Lock
Stenson Road Cemetery
Strutts Park, see Five Lamps
Uttoxeter New Road Cemetery
West End

Darley Abbey
Church La
Bailey Family
Cavendish, Col J C
Evans, Col J
St Matthew's Church
 - Book of Remembrance

 - Cross

Mile Ash La
Central School for Boys - WW1

Derby (California)
  Also see Uttoxeter New Road Cemetery
Uttoxeter New Road
Bemrose School
 - Board

 - Book of Remembrance
 - Book of Remembrance (Copy)
 - Library
Derby Municipal Boys School
 - Plaque

 - Trees
Ward, M (Lost)

Derby (Castle Ward)
Canal St
Canal Street Methodist Chapel (Lost)

Copeland St
Traffic Street Primitive Methodist
 Church Choir and School

London Rd (Traffic St - Midland Rd))
Nightingale, F
London Road Methodist Chapel (Lost)
Queen's Hall Methodist Mission (Lost)
Royal Lancers Regiment

Traffic St (old line)
Royal Lancers Regiment
Traffic Street Primitive Methodist
 Church Choir and School

Derby (Five Lamps area)
Darley Grove
Derby Rowing Club

Bridge Gate
Derbyshire Martyrs
St Mary's RC Church

Duke St
Frank, A
Nahlak, O

Kedleston Rd
Rivers, Pte J, VC
St Alkmund's Church - WW1
St Alkmund's Church - WW2

King Street
Derby School - Obelisk
Derby School - South African War
Derby School - WW1 Tablet
Derby School - WW1 Bible
Derby School - WW2 Tablet
Derby School - WW2 Roll of Honour
Derby School - WW2 Lectern

Friar Gate area (outside the inner ring road)
Agards St
Derbyshire Constabulary - Roll of Honour
Derby (Nottingham Road area)
Kerry St
Pte J Murphy

Nottingham Rd
Nottingham Road Cemetery
Nottingham Road District
 - Board (Lost)

 - Tablet (St Mark's Church)

Roe Farm La
Nottingham Road District - Tablet
 (St Mark's Church)

Derby (Parkfields-Leylands area)
St Mary's Gate Baptist Church
 -WW1 Book

 -WW1 Plaque
The Leylands Cottage Homes

Derby (Pride Park)
Derwent Parade
Derby County Football Club

Derby (West End - St Luke's)
Abbey St
Central School for Boys - WW1
Derby Municipal Boys School - Plaque

Amy St
Roebuck Inn

Arundel St
Roebuck Inn

Parliament St
Roebuck Inn

St John's Street
Jenkins, D
Church of St John the Evangelist
Church of St John the Evangelist Sunday School

Stockbrook St
Parliament House (Lost)

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