Derbyshire War Memorials
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Derbyshire War Memorials

War Memorials in Ripley Cemetery, Cemetery La, Ripley, Derbyshire

Askin, A
Beastall, T
Barker, C E
Brearley, Tpr N
Brown, LCpl J M
Clower, A
Clower, W E
Cresswell, Rmn B
Cresswell, G B
Dixon, Rmn C M
Elliott, L B
Fletcher, Sgt F G
Gibson, J T
Green, Cpl J H
Green, T H
Gunn, Sgt K G, RAF
Hay, T G
Jeffries, Bdr A H
Knapp, Pte W
Lynam, Pte W
Matthews, Bdr R
Moore, J
Redfern, A A
Smith, H
Spalding, A
Taylor, Tpr J H
Unwin, W
Wadkinson, G S
Wainwright, A
Walters, W
Webster, N
Webster, T W
Winchcomb, Pte F J
Winchcomb, Pte W T
These 31 memorials (with 34 names) are all that we have been able to locate in this cemetery. If you know of any others please let us know. Please remember though that we do not include CWGC headstones, which are covered by other projects.
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