Derbyshire War Memorials
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Derbyshire War Memorials

Over 2,000 memorials and over 31,000 names listed so far.

Our Aim

To provide an inventory of about 4000 war memorials in Derbyshire.

It will concentrate on the memorials themselves and will, where possible, contain locations and descriptions of each one, including photographs and details such as type, construction, history and inscriptions. Although we include any names given on the memorial we cannot research or publish their biographies. (Other sites publish biographies, however.)

Examples of the many, many types of memorials that we record are given on our About War Memorials page.

We do not condone or support violence or conflict, but seek to document the many memorials to men and women of any nationality who have served their country in the quest for peace or who have become civilian victims of conflict.


Date12th May, 2024
Estimated memorials in Derbyshire4000
Memorials recorded so far3560
Memorials posted here2036
Images posted here5780
Names posted here31338
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