Derbyshire War Memorials
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Derbyshire War Memorials

Explore by placename.
search for memorials at places beginning with:

Explore by map.
Search our online map for memorials throughout the county. Only about 40% of known memorials are currently plotted but more are added every week.
Map markers
Explore memorials in cemeteries.
Search cemeteries (not churchyards) for additions to gravestones and other memorials.
Cemeteries theme
Explore railway memorials.
Search for memorials associated with railways especially the Midland Railway and LNER.
Explore Victoria Cross recipients.
Search for memorials commemorating the county's many Victoria Cross Recipients
Victoria Cross
Explore well dressing memorials.
Although temporary, well dressings are a frequent medium for local communities to remember the losses of conflict.
Well dressings
Explore school memorials.
Find memorials commemorating old boys, girls, and staff of some of Derbyshire's long established schools.
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