Derbyshire War Memorials
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Youlgrave or Youlgreave

Leapley La
Brassington, W A - Kneeler
Brassington, Pte W A - Tablet
Church of the Holy Trinity
 - WW1 Roll of Honour

 - WW1 Window
Youlgrave or Youlgreave
Coldwell End
Centenary of WW1 (Lost)
Toc H (Lost)

Alport La
70th Anniversary of VE Day (Temporary)
Cavendish, Brig R V C, OBE MC
Church of All Saints
&- WW2 Garden

 - Sculpture
Dawson, Sgt B
King Charles the First
 - Chapel

 - Flag
Waterhouse, Capt R
Youlgrave, Middleton, Alport and Harthill
 - WW1

 - WW2

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