Derbyshire War Memorials
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Derbyshire War Memorials

About us.

We are small team of dedicated volunteers supplemented by several independent contributors.

Privacy and Cookie Policy

Although many war memorials are in public locations, others are in premises not always open to the public such as churches, village halls,and commercial buildings. Most photographs in such locations have been taken with the knowledge and co-operation of appropriate representatives, whom we thank. Some records were acquired in the absence of representatives but we hope that their publication on this site is acceptable. If any custodians wish to have details removed or modified please contact us using the form below.

Sometimes memorials in public spaces could not be photographed without people, vehicles or premises in the background. Where possible any identification features have been obscured but if anyone objects to any photographs please contact us using the form below.

Cookies are usually quite unnecesary. They are frequently an invasion of privacy and security and we don't use them. We don't put anything onto your computer (except any cache copies of our pages which you choose to retain). We do not need to know your location or invade your privacy in any other way.

Copyright Policy

The images and pages are the copyright of the respective named contributors. Pages, extracts and images may be copied or printed for private or non-commercial use. Any other use, including but not restricted to republication on another webpage or in any printed document, requires prior permission from the copyright holder. Additional or larger images may be available for some sites. Please contact us using the form below for further details.


If you would like to:
  • report an error or omission concerning a memorial;
  • tell us about a new memorial;
  • request information or copies of images;
  • report broken links;
  • report any breaches of privacy or copyright;
  • contact us for any relevant reason,
please complete all fields in the adjacent form.

If your submission refers to a specific memorial please ensure that you include a reference to its name or its location so that we can identify it.

The captcha code is the group of grey numbers and letters in the speckled box. Please copy it into the empty box to the right, then click on the Submit button.

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