Derbyshire War Memorials
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Click on the name of the place you wish to explore. All places known to have had memorials are listed; only those recorded on this site are linked.


Offerton, see Hope
Old Brampton
Old Dam, Peak Forest
Old Glossop
Old Matlock
Old Tupton
Old Whittington
Osmaston (near Ashbourne)
Over Haddon

Church St
All Saints' Church
Hunt, 2Lt J R L

The Settlement
Ockbrook VAD Hospital

Victoria Ave
Ockbrook and Borrowash

Old Brampton
Main Rd
Black, T
Collis, Rmn A
Gascoigne, W
Gorell, Maj H, DSO - Addition to Gravestone
Gorell, Maj H, DSO - Cross
Hill, C E
Jackson, Pte A
Jackson, Pte J
Jackson, Pte L
Nicholls, F
Old Brampton, Wadshelf and Cutthorpe
St Peter and St Pauls Church
Siddall, G, MM
Turner, T
Warmsley, 2Lt F

Old Glossop
Church St
Borough of Glossop - Warship Week
All Saints' Anglican Church - WW1
All Saints' Anglican Church - WW2
All Saints' RC Church - WW1
All Saints' RC Church - WW2

Old Tupton
Station New Rd
Tupton Hall Grammar School - WW2
Unidentified School - WW1
Old Whittington
Sheffield Rd, The Brushes
Old Whittington - Plaque

Over La
St Mark's Church

London Rd
London Road Wesleyan Church (Lost)

Nightingale Rd
Battle of Britain - Rolls-Royce Replica Window
Battle of Britain - Rolls-Royce Window
Osmaston - Board (Lost)
Osmaston - Tablet

Over Haddon
School La
Centenary of RAF (Temporary)
Treaty of Versailles (Temporary)

Woodville Rd
Clamp, Pte E P
Jordan, A
Jordan, W
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