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Memorial Title

Osmaston - Board (Lost)


Derbyshire War Memorials: a description of a lost WW2 war memorial board commemorating air raid casualties at Osmaston, Derby.
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Last known location:
Not known.
Nightingale Rd
Nearest postcode:
DE24 8BF

SK 36385 33570
(From online digital mapping.)
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Location details:
Osmaston, now a suburb of Derby, was historically known as Osmaston-by-Derby.
The exact location of the memorial is not known, but it was reported as a wooden board in Nightingale Rd so is likely to have been indoors, possibly in the Rolls-Royce aero engine factory, now demolished.
Overall type: Board.

Overall condition: Lost.


Said to have been a wooden board. No further details are known.


Component Material Height Width Depth Condition
Board Wood - - - Lost
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
It is not known what the inscription said, or whether any names were recorded, however, the
following are now known to be the names of the casualties:
Arthur Bacon, aged 37Elizabeth Helen Franklin, aged 32Doreen Cecilia Jenkins, aged 15
Arthur Frederick Base, aged 54George Henry Gratton, aged 62Ethel Esther Lawrence, aged 35
Olive May Bates, aged 30Dora Greatorex, aged 21Cyril Leslie Lowe, aged 31
7648554 Private Thomas Lee Carlen RAOC, aged 22Francis Robert Grimmer, aged 51Doris Nield, aged 19
Vera Mabel Doggrell, aged 23Sidney Higgins, aged 28James Peach, aged 45
Dorothy Lena Farmer, aged 22John William Hill, aged 53Dennis Regan, aged 9
Sylvia May Farmer, aged 2Charles Levi Horn, aged 55Joseph Taylor, aged 32
Margaret Eileen Finan, aged 21Frederick Cecil Isaac, aged 49

Conflicts and people named:
Conflict Second World War
Second World War Civilians
Action German air raid on Rolls-Royce
aero engine factory
(27th July 1942)
Number died  1 22 23
Number served and returned  0  0  0
Total names  1 22 23
Custodian: None

Local authorities:
From WW2: Derby County Borough Council (Derby Corporation)
From 1974: Derby District (later Borough and from 1977 City) Council and Derbyshire County Council.
From 1997: The unitary authority has been Derby City Council.
27th July, 1942: A German Dornier 217 bomber dropped a stick of four bombs, one hitting the Rolls-Royce works and the other three hitting nearby houses. Twentytwo civilians and one soldier were killed and 120 people injured.

Unknown date: The memorial was made by J A F Lemmings, wood carver.

By 2006: The memorial was lost.

August, 2017: The memorial was researched by Roy Branson.
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