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Langley Mill
Langwith Basset see Upper Langwith
Larklands, Ilkeston
 Also see Park Cemetery
Lea Bridge
Leabrooks, Alfreton
Litchurch,, Derby
Little Chester or Chester Green, Derby
Little Cubley
Little Eaton
Little Hayfield
Little Longstone
Littleover, Derby
Long Eaton
Long Lane (Longlane)
Longshaw (Grindleford)
Low Leighton, see New Mills
Lowgates, Staveley

Langley Mill
Station Rd
Employees of Lovatt & Lovatt Ltd (Langley Mill Pottery)

Larklands, Ilkeston
Park Cr
Park Cemetery

Lea Bridge
Lea Rd
Employees of John Smedley Ltd
 - WW1 Board

 - WW1 Tablet
 - WW2

Litchurch, Derby
Calvert St
Employees of Midland Railway Locomotive Works Chemical Laboratory

Litchurch La
London Midland and Scottish Railway Carriage and Wagon Works
Midland Railway Carriage and Wagon Works
 - Finishing Shop

 - Painting Dept.
 - Unidentified Dept.
 - Zeppelin Raid

London Rd (East of Midland Rd)
Employees of Midland Railway Locomotive Works Chemical Laboratory
Staff of London County Westminster and
 Parrs Bank - London Road Branch Derby

Staff of Westminster Bank - London Road
 Branch Derby

London Rd (Traffic St - Midland Rd)
 See Castle Ward

Osmaston Rd

Railway Terrace
Employees of Midland Railway Loco' Works
 No 1 Shop

 No 4 Shop
 No 6 Shop
 Nos 7 and 7A Shops
 No 8 Shop
 No 9 Shop
 No 10 Shop
 No 11 Shop
 No 14 Shop
 No 16 Shop
 No 18 Shop
 18A and 19 Shops
 No 18B Shop
 No 19A Shop
 No 20 Shop
 No 21 Shop
 No 22 Shop
 Power Station and Electrical Laboratory
 Chemical Laboratory
Staff of Midland Railway St Mary's Goods Offices
Staff of Midland Railway - South African War

Little Chester, Derby
Mansfield Rd
St Paul's Church
 - Book of Remembrance

 - WW1 Cross
 - WW1 Doors
 - WW1 Roll of Honour
 - WW2
St Paul's Church Schools
 - WW1 Roll of Honour (Lost)

Staff of Midland Railway St Mary's Goods Depôt

Mansfield St
St Paul's Church Schools
 - WW1 Roll of Honour (Lost)

 - WW1 School Rooms (Lost)

Marcus St
Anniversary of VE Day - 1 (Temporary)
Anniversary of VE Day - 2 (Temporary)

Little Eaton
Vicarage La
Birkinshaw, E J
Borough, Capt G H - Addition to gravestone
Borough, Capt G H - Font cover
Johnson, E
Little Eaton
St Paul's Church
Tatam, LCpl J W
Wilson, Capt T P C - Stone Cross
Wilson, Capt T P C - Wooden Cross (Lost)

Little Hayfield
Slacks La
Beatrice Shilling

Little Longstone
Un-named lane
Neal, CSM G E
Slack, Pte F C and Timm, Pte J R
Timm, Pte J R and Slack, Pte F C
Timm, J R
Littleover, Derby
Burton Rd
Derbyshire Freemasons - WW1 (Lost)
Derbyshire Freemasons - WW1 and WW2
Littleover Primitive Methodist Church (Lost)

Littleover La
Rose Hill Wesleyan Methodist Church
Rose Hill Wesleyan Methodist Church Memorial Recreation Ground

Moorway La
Derby School - Obelisk
Derby School - South African War
Derby School - WW1 Tablet
Derby School - WW1 Bible
Derby School - WW2 Tablet
Derby School - WW2 Roll of Honour
Derby School - WW2 Lectern

Normanton La
Aulton-Smith, 2Lt M W
Backhouse, H
Castle, R L
Gascoyne, Col G
Grieve, PO J G C
Grove, Pte J W
Innes, 2Lt F A, MC
Johnson, F
Johnson, Sgt K W
Lane, Cpl H
Ottewell, H D
Pegg, G
St Peter's Church - Cross
St Peter's Church - Roll of Honour
Sanford, Capt P W
Sims, 2Lt G L
Smith, J F
Thirlby, 2Lt S L
Wheen, PO H

Derby Rd
Drury-Lowe. Capt W D, DSO

Long Eaton
College St
Long Eaton Auxiliary Hospital

Derby Rd
50th Anniversary of VJ Day
Long Eaton
 - WW1 Roll of Honour

 - WW2 Roll of Honour
Sherwood Foresters

Hamilton Rd
Hamilton Road - Board
Hamilton Road - Street Shrine (Lost)

Market Place
Church of St Laurence
 - Book of Remembrance

 - Choir Plaque
 - Plaque
Long Eaton - Cross
Osborn, C

Nottingham Rd
Long Eaton Congregational Church

Station St
HM Forces Social Centre - Project Sunset

Woodhead Pass
Tintwistle - Crowden (Tintwistle Knarr)
Allied Aircrews
Jones, FO H A, USAAF
Love, Sgt W A, RAF

Woodhead Pass
Crowden - Woodhead
Crowden and Woodhead

Woodhead Pass
Woodhead - Long Side
(Birchen Bank Moss, Bleaklow)
Brown, PO
Lane, FO
Rouse, Sgt R
Wellington, R1011, Crew of

Long La
Church of St Chad
Cope, G

Un-named road
Longshaw Lodge Auxilliary Hospital

Main St.

Un-named road (east).
Falklands Conflict

Un-named road (west).
All Saints' Church - WW1 Plaque
All Saints' Church - WW1 Roll of Honour
All Saints' Church - WW2 Plaque
All Saints' Church - WW2 Roll of Honour
Colvile, Cdr G T
Lullington Airfield
Taylor, P

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