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Memorial Title

Church of St Laurance - Book of Remembrance

Derbyshire War Memorials: a description of a WW1 and WW2 war memorial book of remembrance for the Church of St Laurance, Long Eaton, Derbyshire.
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Cover Preface WW1 dedication Typical page WW2 dedication
Last known location:
Church of St Laurance
Market Place (B6540)
Long Eaton
Nearest postcode:
NG10 1LT

SK 49158 33734 ±5m
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Location details:
The book is displayed inside, near the east end of the north wall of the north aisle.
Overall type: Book of Remembrance Overall condition: Fair. The inscription is legible and the memorial is cared for.


A book of remembrance comprising printed inscriptions and names on encapsulated paper contained in a plastic covered ring binder.


BookPaper, card, plastic31026045Fair
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
Front cover:The Long Eaton Roll of Honour.
The Great War
1914 To 1918
The Second World War
1939 To 1945
Korea and other wars since the
Second World War.

Book of Remembrance
Is Dedicated
To Those Men of
Long Eaton
who paid the
Supreme Sacrifice
in order that others should live without
1914 To 1918

Pp 2-14The WW1 pages generally list family name, forename, rank and unit. It would not be practical or useful to reproduce the contents of every page but the names thereon are as follows:
Adams, Percival Richard; Adkin, Ernest; Ainge, Harry Bertram; Aldred, Aaron; Aldred, Bernard; Allen, Alfred Henry; Allen, Charles Edward; Allen, Joseph; Allen, Samuel George; Allen, Vincent; Alliott, Harold Follows; Anderson, Anderson William; Anderson, William Archibald; Aram, John; Argyle, Arthur; Astle, Reginald Henry; Atkin, Albert; Atkin, Allen Oliver.
Bacon, John; Bagshaw, Samuel; Bailey, Cecil William; Bailey, Fred; Bailey, Fred; Baldwin, William; Ballard, Bert W; Ballard, John; Ballard, John George; Ballard, Lawrence Arthur; Banner, Thomas; Barker, Charles Frederick; Barker, George Henry; Barnett, Walter Samuel; Barrett, George; Barrett, Colin Frederick MC; Barrett, Walter; Barrowcliffe, George Edward; Bates, Charles Harold; Bates, Frederick Gordon; Bates, John Arthur; Beardsley, James G; Beardsley, Harold Nathan; Beattie, Harry; Bedford, Ernest Edward; Bedford, Richard L; Bedford, Thomas Henry; Beeby, James William; Beecham, Herbert; Beers, Ernest; Bell, Reginald Dennis; Benson, Algernon Sharpe; Beresford, Tom; Beresford, William; Betts, William; Bilbie, Fred; Birch, Cornelius William Henry; Birkhamshaw, Frank; Birkhamshaw, Oliver; Birks, William Arthur; Birley, Arthur; Birley, Ernest Joseph; Blagden, Bernard Edward; Booth, John Robert; Bosworth, Edwin; Bosworth, John Percival; Bowyer, Albert; Bradbury, John William; Bradbury, Samuel Henry; Bramwell, George; Bray, Archibald James; Breakwell, Frederick; Breakwell, Harold Arthur; Brecknock, Cyril; Briggs, Horace Albert; Brown, Arthur; Brown, Arthur Horace; Brown, Horace; Bryant, Alfred; Buggins, Fred Charles; Bullimore, R DCM; Bullock, Arnold; Bullock, Frederick Edward; Burge, George Theophilus; Burridge, William; Burton, Francis, William; Burton, Harold John; Burton, William Edward; Butler, Joseph Edward; Buxton, John Davis
Carter, Charles John; Carter, Charles William; Carter, John Henry; Chamberlain, Arthur; Chamberlain, George; Chambers, A. Gerald; Chambers, Thomas; Chambers, Victor; Clarke, Ernest Victor; Clarke, Percy; Clifford, Bernard R; Coates, Frank; Cockayne, Henry; Cockbill, George; Cocker, Percy James; Collins, Leonard; Comery, John Leslie; Compton, Arthur Granville; Cook, Donald George MM; Cook, Frederick Oliver; Cook, Harold; Cook, John; Coolin, Charles Taylor; Coomber, Harold; Cooper, Elijah; Cooper, Ernest George; Cooper, Thomas; Copeman, Samuel Sydney; Craig, John Edwin; Crannage, George; Cross, Samuel; Crowe, John Henry; Crump, William Maynard; Cunnington, Clement Henry; Cursley, Samuel Henry
Daft, David; Dakin, Arthur; Daniel, Cyril Herbert; Daniels, William; Darnell, Charlie; Davis, Frank; Davis, George; Davis, James Horace; Davys, Herbert; Derry, Herbert; Devereux, Philip Fred Owen; Dewsbury, John Bernard; Dilkes, Hammond James; Dodd, John Henry; Doughty, George; Drake, Reginald; Duckett, John; Dunn, James; Dunnicliffe, Francis B C.
Eaton, Albert; Etches, George; Everitt, Lionel.
Farnsworth, Claude Vernon; Fearn, Frank; Fearn, Joseph; Fearn, William; Fisher, Harry; Fisher, John Henry; Fisher, William Edgar; Fishlock, Charles William; Fletcher, Arthur; Fletcher, Douglas; Fletcher, George Henry; Fletcher, Harry; Fletcher, Horace Herbert; Fletcher, John Thomas; Forrester, Robert Arthur; Foster, Alec Owen; Foulds, William E; Fox, Percy; Frayne, Bernard; Frearson, Eric Hatfield; Frisby, Alec; Frost, Charles Arthur; Frost, Elijah James DCM; Frost, Frederick; Frost, Stuart.
Gadsby, Ambrose; Gamble, Cecil Arthur; Gamble, Samuel; Gamble, William Arthur; Gann, Wilfred Henry; Garner, John Harry; Garrett, Percy; Gee, Neville; Gent, Elijah; Gilder, Arthur John; Gillespie, Robert Arthur; Godfrey, Samuel; Goff, Walter; Good, Bert; Good, William; Goodman, Joseph; Goodrick, Harry; Gostick, Benjamin; Grey, Alfred; Greaves, Harry; Grebby, Albert; Greenfield, John; Gregory, Frederick; Gregory, John Howard; Grimwade, Robert; Guise, George B; Guise, William H.
Hall, Frederick; Hall, William; Hallam, Albert; Hallam, Edmund John; Hallam, Frederick A; Hallam, George Henry; Hallam, Owen; Hallam, William; Hallam, William; Halls, Albert John; Hammond, Victor; Hampson, David; Hampson, George Astley; Hampson, James; Hardy, Alfred S; Hare, John; Hargreaves, Fred William; Harris, Bertram Edward; Harrison, Christopher; Harrison, John Thomas; Hassal, Thomas Henry; Hatherley, Ernest; Hawker, William John; Heath, Frank Heath, Herbert Victor; Heaton, Alfred; Hemsley, George; Hemsley, James; Hemsley, John; Hibbard, John Vessey; Hickling, George William; Hickton, Ronald Arthur; Highton, Thomas; Hind, Lewis; Hind, Samuel John; Hirons, Leonard Goode; Hitchin, Albert George; Hobday, Arthur Dennis; Hollis, Albert; Hood, Tom; Hooper, Charles; Hopewell, John Henry; Hopkins, Joseph; Horne, James; Horobin, Arthur; Horobin, Edwin; Horobin, Fred; Howard, William Henry; Hubble, H. Ronald; Hudson, Charles Sowter; Hudson, Mark; Hunt, George Henry; Hunt, Frederick W B; Hurst, Cecil Charles; Hutchby, Arthur; Hutchinson, Edward; Hutsby, Thomas
Ironmonger, John William; Ironmonger, Josiah; Irons, Thomas Walter.
Jaques, Alfred T; Jeffcoat, Joseph; Jennings, Edward; Johnson, Albert; Johnson, Ernest J; Jones, Ernest
Kaye, Harold; Keetley, Harold; Kent, Samuel Philip; Kerry, James; Kilvington, Alfred; Kingston, Henry; Kirk, Walter; Kirkland, James F; Knowles, Frederick William; Knowles, Joe. MM
Lakin, Arthur George; Langley, Thomas Frederick; Langley, William; Lawson, Richard; Leivers, John Robinson; Leonard, George; Lewis, Lloyd Edward; Lings, George William; Linnett, Arthur William; Linney, Arthur; Little, Miles John Standish; Logan, William; Long, Thomas Joseph; Loveday, Arthur C; Lowe, Walter E.
Macfarland, Thomas David; Maltby, George; Maltby, Hubert; Mann, James Aaron; Marriott, George; Marshall, Arthur Marshall, John William; Marshall, William; Martin, John Henry; Mather, Alfred; May, Ernest; May, Percy; Mayfield, Arhur; Mayfield, Fred; Mayfield, Horace; McArthur, Arthur MM; McCaig, Cyril; McCulloch, H; Meads, Albert Edward; Mellor, Percy Herrick; Mellors, John Henry; Mellors, Percy Ernest; Miles, Alfred; Mills, George Henry; Mitchell, James Albert; Moore, Charles; Morley, Albert G; Mosley, Walter; Mycroft, Alfred; Mycroft, Fred
Needham, John Henry Worthington; Newbold, Edgar; Newborn, Charles Slater; Newborn, Percy Thomas; Newton, Charles Henry; Newton, Joseph Arthur; Norman, Samuel
Offiler, Samuel; Orchard, George Wilson; Owen, George; Owen, William Edward.
Pacey, Arthur; Page, Harold; Page, Wilfred; Paling, Ernest; Palmer, Charles Vivian; Palmer, Herbert; Parker, Anthony Robert; Parsons, John Arthur; Peadon, Percy Hewitt; Pearson, Albert William; Peat, James; Percival, Enoch; Phillips, Bert. G; Phillips, John; Pike, Ernest; Pink, Thomas G; Plackett, Archibald; Plackett, Bertram; Plackett, George Henry; Porter, Walter MM; Powell, Alfred T; Preece, Henry; Priestley, Alfred; Prust, Herbert.
Racklyeft, Leonard Benjamin; Radford, Alfred; Rainbow, Frederick W; Rapson, John Wilfred; Raworth, Earnest; Reader, Frank; Reader, Harry; Redwood, George; Reeves, Frank; Reynolds, Herbert W MM; Richardson, Thomas W; Rignall, Frederick John; Ringrose, Harold; Roberts, George; Robinson, Arthur; Robinson, Harold; Robinson, Samuel; Rockley, John Thomas; Rose, James; Rudd, Frank; Rust, Frank.
Salisbury, Bernard; Sampson, James William; Sawyer, John; Saxton, Leonard; Sayers, Edmund; Scattergood, Bernard Frederick; Scattergood, William H; Seales, Charles; Selwood, Edgar Henry; Seneschall, George R; Setchfield, Bernard; Sharpe, Thomas Payne; Shaw, Arnold Bailey; Shaw, Frank; Shaw, Jack Seckington; Sheldon, Ernest; Shelton, Walter; Shingler, Horace; Shipstone, Gordon Henry; Simpson, Frederick James; Simpson, James; Simpson Job; Simpson, Walter; Simpson, William Arthur; Skelton, Thomas; Smedley, John C; Smith, Albert; Smith, Albert; Smith, Charles; Smith, Charles William; Smith, George; Smith, Harry; Smith, Horace; Smith, James; Smith, John Henry; Smith, Lawrence A; Smith, Samuel; Smith, Walter; Smith, William; Smith, William A; Smith, William Neville; Spencer, Edgar Chadwick; Spencer, Percy MM; Spendlove, Harry; Spray, Ernest; Spray, Frank Reid; Spridgeon, John Edward; Spurr, Arthur; Stenson, Garnet; Stevenson, Austin; Stimson, Sydney; Stocks, Frank; Stone, Samuel Henry; Straw, Ernest; Stuart, Charles; Stuart, Edgar Archibald; Summerhayes, Edmund; Summers, Frederick; Suter, Walter; Sutton, William Henry; Symons, Thomas Rowland
Taft, Harold; Taft, Walter Edwin; Taggett, Leonard John; Tantum, Walter Stanley; Tarling, Edgar A; Tarling, Percy; Taylor, Henry Byett; Theobold, William Edward; Thompson, Arthur; Tomlinson, Herbert Walter; Topliss, Leonard; Torrance, Adam; Towle, Alfred; Towle, Arthur; Truman, Alec; Tudor, Walter; Tunnicliffe, Walter Astle; Turner, Albert; Turner, Charles Edward; Turner, Harold Robert; Turner, John MM; Turner, John Henry; Turton, George Sydney
Wagstaff, Charles Ernest; Wainwright, Frank; Wall, Horace Wall, James; Wall, Samuel; Wall, William; Wallis, H D; Wallis, John; Wardell, Frederick Charles; Wardle, James; Wells, Frederick C; West, Edgar; Weston, Henry M; Wheatley, Thomas H; Whitehead, Harry, E; Wicks, Arthur; Wicks, Williamm C MC; Wilkins, Clement C; Wilkins, Harry; Wilkinson, Arthur; Wilkinson, Thomas; Wilmott, Oliver; Wilson, Wilfred; Wiltshire, Robert; Wing, Ernest; Wing, Thomas Henry; Witherbed, Wilfred; Wood, Eric Cyril; Wood, Francis Herbert; Woodcraft, Algernon V H; Woodruffe, Arthur; Woods, James D; Woolley, Benjamin; Worth, Harold; Worthington, Arthur F; Wragg, Ernest A; Wragg, Frederick C; Wragg, Hubert Nelson; Wright, John
Yarnold, Edwin; Yarnold, Thomas A; Yates, Harry; York, William G

P15: In Memory
Of those Men of Long Eaton
Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice
During World War 2 1939 to 1945

Pp 15-22The WW2 pages generally list family name, initials, rank, unit and year of death. It would not be practical or useful to reproduce the contents of every page but the names thereon are as follows:
Adcock, A; Adkin,St; Allsop. W H; Alvey, R H; Anthony, S M; Archer, E; Astill, L F; Astle, F V; Atkin,  A
Baguly, P; Baker, W H; Baker, D; Bamford, J; Beardsley, S; Beardsley, G; Bech, F; Bennett, W H; Bennett, W; Bentley, F; Bestwick, B; Bestwick, J; Bestwick, R B; Bestwick, H; Bexton, D R; Bird, C A; Bloor, F; Boothman, J; Bowmer, G; Brackenbury, D; Bradbury, F R; Bradley, W; Bramley, A; Bramley, T; Brand, F H; Brown, C V; Browning, J E; Buchanon, J; Buckley, J; Burnham, A; Burns, A D; Burton, W E; Buttler, A; Button, D G; Buxton, T
Campbell, H; Carrington, G G; Carver, J M; Chamberlain, A H; Chamberlain, H; Chapman, J R; Cherry, A; Clayton, G W; Cleaver, A; Comery, C F; Cook, J E; Cooper, D; Cooper, W A; Cox, B L; Crew, W A
Daft, H W; Dakin, S C; Dale, F; Deighton, B; Derrick, R; Disney, T W; Dobson, L; Dobson, E; Domleo, S V; Doncaster, K; Dorkes, T; Downes, W; Draycott, N; Dumelow, K; Dunbar, G P; Duncan N
Earl, G D; Eite, S A; Elliott, G A; Elvin, S; Evans, L
Fairweather, J C; Fellows, C E; Foden, K; Foster, H J; Foster, T; Freeman, D T
Gavagan, J A; Gilleland, H; Graham, E; Green, R L; Grocock, A; Grooms, A W
Hacker, J; Hacket, G H; Haines, J J; Haines, G; Haines, V; Hale, S; Halford, E; Hallam, W; Hallam, E E; Hallam, H B D; Hallam, R; Hallam, K R; Hallam, R; Hardy, W W; Hardy, S W; Hare, J T; Harper, W; Harris, R E; Harrison, J; Hart, G R; Hayes, J A; Haywood, C T; Hazlehurst, A; Henshaw, L; Hickling, W R; Higham, R; Hill, A H; Hill, F W; Hill, F W; Hollerton, L; Holmes, F A; Hooley, A O; Hooley, K; Hooley, W S; Hooper, J; Hopkins, J; Hopkins, A A; Howe, F; Humphrey, A; Hurst, G; Hutchby, R; Hutchinson, K
Jackson, A; Jackson, A; Jackson, C; Jackson, M; James, J; James, W K; Johnson, H; Johnson, H E
Kay, J L; Keller, R J; Kelly, P; Key, M W; Kidger-Preston, D; Kirk, H F; Kirk, W F; Knowles, F A; Knowles, J E
Launder, H; Leaper, B; Leedham, G; Leivars, C; Leivars, W A; Lester, F; Lewin, G H; Lewis, R; Lockey, G; Lockley, T S; Lockley, E; Longland, H; Lowe, B; Lucas, J H; Lunn, A V
Mackenzie, R; Maister, F W; Marlow, A; Marriott, G; Marsh, F; Marson, G E; Mawer, L; McCaig, C G; Mead, C J; Meakin, D; Measures, F; Miles, A; Miller, B F H; Milner, I; Moir, A I, DFC; Morley, A C; Morriss, F W; Musson, R
Newbound, J W; Newham, G; Newton, W; Norfolk
Oldham, D; Oldham, W H; Osborn, C; 
Parr, G; Patrick, S A; Patrick, G H; Payne, D M; Pead, R; Pearson, G H; Pelgrave, G; Perkins, A E; Powell, T; Pratt, G C; Pratt, F R; Pryde, P
Rawding, H; Reader, W; Rice, G R.; Richards, J. K; Richardson, E; Rimington, F; Roadley, V. P; Roe, D. A;  Roe, E; Roe, W S; Rolfe, P N; Roose, G W; Roulstone, W
Sanders, S; Scattergood, W F; Scott, W S; Scott, E G; Selby, R; Sharp, E W; Sharp, L; Shaw, S; Shaw, T; Shepson, W J; Shepstone, W J; Shipman, K; Sills, D; Simons, J A; Simpson, J; Simpson, P F; Skinner, F; Slater, G H; Smedley, J F; Smith, T; Smith, W J; Start, E J; Steele, R N; Steels, H; Stevenson, Pte; Stevenson, G B; Stevenson, J T; Stevenson, J F; Summers, G E; Summers, F; Swinn, D
Tacey, L; Taft, A J; Taylor, A G; Taylor, R C T; Taylor, C E; Tilling, K W; Townsend, W; Truman, D; Tysoe, S
Varley, R; Varnham, F L
Wagg, R E; Wakefield, E; Walker, R E; Walker, A; Walker, A; Wall, L; Wallis, F C, DSM; Waton, W; Watson, J A; Watts, G E; Webster, F; Welbury, R; Westmorland, M E J; Wicks, G W; Wilkinson, F; Willets, L P; Williams, G H; Wilson, W; Wood, C D; Worthington, F H

P22:Kohima Declaration
When you go home
Tell them of us and say
For your tomorrow
We gave our today.

Conflicts and people named:
ConflictFirst World War (1914-1919)Second World War (1939-1945)Korean War (1950-1953)Subsequent WarsTotals
Action or eventNot statedNot statedNot statedNot stated
Number died51927800797
Number served and returned 0 000 0
Total names51927800797
Custodian: Presumed to be the parochial church council.

Local authorities:
From WW1: Long Eaton Parish Council; Long Eaton Urban District Council; Derbyshire County Council.
From 1974: Erewash Borough Council; Derbyshire County Council.
History and Conservation
22nd October, 1962: The church was listed Grade II*, Heritage List for England number 1204249

1993: The Long Eaton Town Centre Conservation Area was first designated by Erewash Borough Council. The church lies within it

Unknown date: The book was compiled.

8th February, 2014 The memorial was surveyed by Roy Branson. It was in fair condition and cared for.
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