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Memorial Title

Church of St Laurance - Plaque

Derbyshire War Memorials: a description of a WW1 war memorial plaque for the Church of St Laurance, Long Eaton, Derbyshire.
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Last known location:
Church of St Laurance
Market Place (B6540)
Long Eaton
Nearest postcode:
NG10 1LT

SK 49158 33734 ±5m
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Location details:
The plaque is inside, at the east end of the north wall of the north aisle.
Overall type: Plaque Overall condition: Fair. The inscription is legible and the memorial is cared for.


An oblong brass plaque in a wooden frame. The plaque has a thin incised border coloured black and a depiction of unfurled scrolls at the head and foot which bear incised inscriptions in upright sentence case gothic lettering infilled in black. The names are incised in six columns in upright sentence case roman lettering infilled in black. The carved and gilded wooden frame forms a wreath with green bindings The wreath is edged in red and has narrow moulded borders of black and gold diagonal banding.


Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
To the Glory of God.
These are the honoured names of the men of this Town
who gave their lives for their Country
in the Great War, 1914 - 1919.
[Col 1][Col 2][Col 3]
Burton, William E.Gamble, Samuel
Butler, Joseph E.Gamble, William A.
[Adams,] Percival R.Buxton, John D.Gann, Wilfred H.
[Adkin,] ErnestCarter, Charles J.Garner, John H.
[Ainge,] Harry B.Carter, Charles W.Garrett, Percy
[Aldred,] AaronCarter, John H.Gee, Neville
[Aldred,] BernardChamberlain, ArthurGent, Elijah
Allen, Alfred H.Chamberlain, GeorgeGilder, Arthur
Allen, Charles E.Chambers, A. GeraldGillespie, Robert A.
Allen, JosephChambers, ThomasGodfrey, Samuel
Allen, Samuel G.Chambers, VictorGoff, Walter
Allen, VincentClarke, Ernest V.Good, Bert
Alliott, Harold F.Clarke, PercyGood, William
Anderson, WilliamClifford, Bernard R.Goodman, Joseph
Anderson, William A.Coates, FrankGoodrick, Harry
Aram, JohnCockayne, HenryGostick, Benjamin
Argyle, ArthurCockbill, GeorgeGray, Alfred
Astle, Reginald H.Cocker, Percy J.Greaves, Harry
Atkin, AlbertCollins, LeonardGrebby, Albert
Atkin, Allen O.Comery, John L.Greenfield, John
Bacon, JohnCompton, Arthur G.Gregory, Frederick
Bagshawe, SamuelCook, Donald G. (M.M.)Gregory, John H.
Bailey, Cecil W.Cook, Frederick O.Grimwade, Robert
Bailey, Fred, M.G.C.Cook, HaroldGuise, George B. (Italian
Bailey, Fred, K.O.Y.L.I.Cook, John  Bronze Medal)
Baldwin, WilliamCoolin, Charles T.Guise, William H.
Ballard, Bert W.Coomber, HaroldHall, Frederick
Ballard, JohnCooper, ElijahHall, William
Ballard, John G.Cooper, Ernest G.Hallam, Albert
Ballard, Lawrence A.Cooper, ThomasHallam, Edmund J.
Banner, ThomasCopeman, Samuel S.Hallam, Frederick A.
Barker, Charles F.Craig, John E.Hallam, George H.
Barker, George H.Crannage, GeorgeHallam, Owen, Senr.
Barnett, Walter S.Cross, SamuelHallam, William
Barrett, GeorgeCrowe, John H.  5th Notts. & Derbys
Barrett, Colin, F. (M.C.)Crump, William M.Hallam, William
  2/5 Sherwoods
Barrett, WalterCunnington, Clement H.Halls, Albert J.
Barrowcliffe, George E.Cursley, Samuel H.Hammond, Victor
Bates, Charles H.Daft, DavidHampson, David
Bates, Frederick G.Dakin, ArthurHampson, George A.
Bates, John A.Daniel, Cyril H.Hampson, James
Beardsley, James G.Daniels, WilliamHardy, Alfred S.
Beardsley, Harold N.Darnell, CharlieHare, John
Beattie, HarryDavis, FrankHargreaves, Fred W.
Bedford, Ernest E.Davis, GeorgeHarris, Bertram E.
Bedford, Richard L.Davis, James H.Harrison, Christopher
Bedford, Thomas H.Davys, HerbertHarrison, John T.
Beeby, James W.Derry, HerbertHassall, Thomas H.
Beecham, HerbertDevereux, Philip F. O.Hatherley, Ernest
Beers, ErnestDewsbery, John B.Hawker, William J.
Bell, Reginald D.Dilkes, Hammond J.Heath, Frank
Benson, Algernon S.Dodd, John H.Heath, Herbert V.
Beresford, TomDoughty, GeorgeHeaton, Alfred
Beresford, WilliamDrake, ReginaldHemsley, George
Betts, WilliamDuckett, JohnHemsley, James
Bilbie, FredDunn, JamesHemsley, John
Birch, Cornelius W. H.Dunnicliffe, Francis B. C.Hibbard, John V.
Birkhamshaw, FrankEaton, AlbertHickling, George, W.
Birkhamshaw, OliverEtches, GeorgeHickton, Ronald A.
Birks, William A.Everitt, LionelHighton, Thomas
Birley, ArthurFarnsworth, Claude V.Hind, Lewis
Birley, ErnestFearn, FrankHind, Samuel J.
Blagden, Bernard E.Fearn, JosephHirons, Leonard G.
Booth, John RobertFearn, WilliamHitchin, George A.
Bosworth, EdwinFisher, HarryHobday, Arthur D.
Bosworth, John P.Fisher, John H.Hollis, Albert
Bowyer, AlbertFisher, William E.Hood, Tom
Bradbury, John W.Fishlock, Charles W.Hooper, Charles
Bradbury, Samuel H.Fletcher, ArthurHopewell, John H.
Bramwell, GeorgeFletcher, DouglasHopkins, Joseph
Bray, Archibald J.Fletcher, George H.Horne, James
Breakwell, FrederickFletcher, HarryHorobin, Arthur
Breakwell, Harold A.Fletcher, Horace H.Horobin, Edwin
Brecknock, CyrilFletcher, John T.Horobin, Fred
Briggs, Horace A.Forrester, Robert A.Howard, William H.
Brown, ArthurFoster, Alec O.Hubble, H. Ronald
Brown, Arthur H.Foulds, William E.Hudson, Charles S.
Brown, HoraceFox, PercyHudson, Mark
Bryant, AlfredFrayne, BernardHunt, George H.
Buggins, Fred C.Frearson, Eric H.Hunt, Frederick W. B.
Bullimore, R. (D.C.M.)Frisby, AlecHurst, Cecil C.
Bullock, ArnoldFrost, Charles A.Hutchby, Arthur
Bullock, Frederick E.Frost, Elijah J. (D.C.M.)Hutchinson, Edward
Burge, George T.Frost, Frederick
Burridge, WilliamFrost, Stuart
Burton, Francis, W.Gadsby, Ambrose
Burton, Harold J.Gamble, Cecil A.

[Col 4][Col 5][Col 6]
Hutsby, ThomasPaling, Ernest
Ironmonger, John W.Palmer, Charles V.
Ironmonger, JosiahPalmer, HerbertSpray, Ernest
Irons, Thomas W.Parker, Anthony R.Spray, Frank R.
Jaques, Alfred T.Parsons, John A.Spridgeon, John E.
Jeffcoat, JosephPeadon, Percy H.Spurr, Arthur
Jennings, EdwardPearson, Albert W.Stenson, Garnet
Johnson, AlbertPeat, JamesStevenson, Austin
Johnson, Ernest J.Percival, EnochStimson, Sidney
Jones, ErnestPhillips, Bert. G.Stocks, Frank
Kaye, HaroldPhillips, JohnStone, Samuel H.
Keetley, HarryPike, ErnestStraw, Ernest
Kent, Samuel P.Pink, Thomas G.Stuart, Charles
Kerry, JamesPlackett, A. (Dick)Stuart, Edgar A>
Kilvington, AlfredPlackett, BertramSummerhayes, Edmund
Kingston, HenryPlackett, George H.Summers, Frederick
Kirk, WalterPorter, Walter (M.M.)Suter, Walter
Kirkland, James F.Powell, Alfred T.Sutton, William H.
Knowles, Frederick W.Preece, Henry  Leicesters
Knowles, Joe (M.M.)Priestley, AlfredSutton, William H.
Lakin, Arthur G.Prust, Herbert  West Yorks.
Langley, Thomas F.Racklyeft, Leonard B.Symons, Thomas R.
Langley, WilliamRadford, AlfredTaft, Harold
Lawson, RichardRainbow, Frederick W.Taft, Walter H.
Leivers, John R.Rapson, John W.Taggett, Leonard J.
Leonard, GeorgeRaworth, ErnestTantum, Walter S.
Lewis, Lloyd E.Reader, FrankTarling, Edgar A.
Lings, George W.Reader, HarryTarling, Percy
Linnett, Arthur W.Redwood, GeorgeTaylor, Henry B.
Linney, ArthurReeves, FrankTheobold, William E.
Little, Miles, J. S.Reynolds, Herbert W.Thompson, Arthur
Lloyd, Thomas Charles  (M.M.)Tomlinson, Herbert W.
Logan, WilliamRichardson, Thomas W.Topliss, Leonard
Long, Thomas J.Rignall, Frederick J.Torrance, Adam
Loveday, Arthur C.Ringrose, HaroldTowle, Alfred
Lowe, Walter E.Roberts, GeorgeTowle, Arthur
Macfarland, Thomas D.Robinson, ArthurTruman, Alec
Maltby, GeorgeRobinson, HaroldTudor, Walter
Maltby, HubertRobinson, SamuelTunnicliffe, Walter A.
Mann, James A.Rockley, John T.Turner, Albert
Marriott, GeorgeRose, JamesTurner, Charles E.
Marshall, ArthurRudd, FrankTurner, Harold R.
Marshall, John W.Rust, FrankTurner, John (M.M.)
Marshall, WilliamSalisbury, BernardTurner, John H.
Martin, John H.Sampson, James W.Turton, George S.
  Welsh FusiliersSawyer, JohnWagstaff, Charles E.
Martin, John H.Saxton, LeonardWainwright, Frank
  Northum. FusiliersSayers, EdmundWall, Horace
Mather, AlfredScattergood, FredWall, James
May, ErnestScattergood, William H.Wall, Samuel
May, PercySeales, CharlesWall, William
Mayfield, ArthurSelwood, Edgar H.Wallis, H. D.
Mayfield, FredSeneschall, George R.Wallis, John
Mayfield, HoraceSetchfield, BernardWardell, Frederick C.
McArthur, ArthurSharpe, Thomas P.Wardle, James
  (M.M.)Shaw, Arnold B.Wells, Frederick C.
McCaig, CyrilShaw, FrankWest, Edgar
McCulloch, HShaw, Jack S.Weston, Henry M.
Meads, Albert E.Sheldon, ErnestWheatley, Thomas H.
Mellor, Percy H.Shelton, WalterWhitehead, Harry, E.
Mellors, John H.Shingler, HoraceWicks, Arthur
Mellors, Percy E.Shipstone, Gordon H.Wicks, Wm C. (M.C.)
Miles, AlfredSimpson, Frederick J.Wilkins, Clement C.
Mills, George H.Simpson, JamesWilkins, Harry
Mitchell, James A.Simpson JobWilkinson, Arthur
Moore, CharlesSimpson, WalterWilkinson, Thomas
Morley, Albert G.Simpson, William A.Wilmott, Oliver
Mosley, WalterSkelton, ThomasWilson, Wilfred
Mycroft, AlfredSmedley, John CWiltshire, Robert
Mycroft, FredSmith, Albert (Pte.)Wing, Ernest
Needham, John H. W.Smith, Albert (Gnr.)Wing, Thomas H.
Newbold, EdgarSmith, CharlesWitherbed, Wilfred
Newborn, Charles S.Smith, Charles W.Wood, Eric C.
Newborn, Percy T.Smith, GeorgeWood, Francis H.
Newton, Charles H.Smith, HarryWoodcraft, Alg'n. V. H.
Newton, Joseph A.Smith, HoraceWoodruffe, Arthur
Norman, SamuelSmith, JamesWoods, James D.
Offiler, SamuelSmith, John H.Woolley, Benjamin
Orchard, George W.Smith, Lawrence A.Worth, Harold
Owen, GeorgeSmith, SamuelWorthington, Arthur F.
Owen, William E.Smith, WalterWragg, Ernest A.
Pacey, ArthurSmith, WilliamWragg, Frederick C.
Page, HaroldSmith, William A.Wragg, Hubert N.
Page, WilfredSmith, William N.Wright, John
Spencer, Edgar C.Yarnold, Edwin
Spencer, Percy (M.M.)Yarnold, Thomas A
Spendlove, HarryYates, Harry
York, William
Greater love hath no man than this
that a man lay down his life
for his friends.

Conflicts and people named:
ConflictFirst World War (1914-1919)Totals
Action or eventNot stated
Number died504504
Number served and returned 0 0
Total names504504
Custodian: Presumed to be the parochial church council.

Local authorities:
From WW1: Long Eaton Parish Council; Long Eaton Urban District Council; Derbyshire County Council.
From 1974: Erewash Borough Council; Derbyshire County Council.
History and Conservation
Unknown date: The plaque was installed.

22nd October, 1962: The church was listed Grade II*, Heritage List for England number 1204249. This memorial is mentioned in the listing description.

1993: The Long Eaton Town Centre Conservation Area was first designated by Erewash Borough Council. The church lies within it

8th February, 2014 The memorial was surveyed by Roy Branson. It was in Fair condition and cared for.
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