Derbyshire War Memorials
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St Lawrence's Church - Book of Remembrance
Setting Desk Book Left Right
Last known location:
St Lawrence's Church
Market St (A6007)
Nearest postcode:
DE75 7NR

SK 43579 46438
From online digital mapping.
Location details:
At the western end of the nave.
Overall type: Book of Remembrance.

Overall condition: Good. The inscription is legible.


A handwritten bound book of remembrance in a glazed oaken case. The book is arranged such that the opening has the two pages of names displayed; the lettering is in sentence case calligraphy, the headings in red and gold and the names in black within red outlines. The case is formed from a carved oaken prayer desk, the top of which forms the glazed case containing the book.


Component Material Height Width Depth Condition
Book Card, paper 260 215 20 Good
Case Oak, glass 830 620 590 Good
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
G. Appleby.
M. Angell.
Fred Baker.
T. W. Barks.
A. Beer.
A. Booth
T. F. Bamber.
S. L. Brown.
F. Bennieston.
T. Clifton.
J. Davis.
N. Duncan.
J. Froggatt.
J. Groves.
F. Gotheridge
H. Hardy.
A. Hibbert.
B. Hibbert.
J. Hutchinson.
W. H. Holmes.
R. W. Holmes.
S. W. Jackson.
F. Lockton.
H Martin.
C. W. Martin.
H. Mott.
A. Maycock.
J. A. Mountford.
L. D. Ottowell.
A. A. Preston.
A. Prince.
F. Palfreyman.
A. S. Pryor.
K. M. Powdrill.
R. R. Smith.
E. Simms.
S. Shardlow.
T. Saxton.
I. R. Sharman.
G. Shepherd.
A. Webster.
P. Webster.
A. White.
N. Yates.
G. Beckett
D. W. Bunting. F. W. M. V. Fowler. Thos Radford.
R. S. Allen.
G. Beaver.
A. Bennett.
W. Brewin.
D. W. Bunting.
G. Burrows.
W. Cripps.
F. Edwards.
G. Hutchinson.
W. Kemp.
F. Marsden.
W. H. Moon.
H. Roome.
S. Turner.
L. Williams.
Langley Mill
C. Ashmore.
W. H. Bailey.
F. Baker.
Norman Barfield.
G. N. Barfield.
C. R. Bestwick.
G. S. Bolton.
Eric Bradley.
John Bradley.
J. Bray.
J. E. Brown.
John Brown.
T. W. A. Bulliman.
E. Chambers.
H. A. Darrington.
I. Draper.
R. P. Gilbert.
T. Henshaw.
A. Hill.
A. Hitt.
H. Hitt.
R. Hitt.
D. W. Holmes.
A. E. Hutchby
F. Long.
A. Longdon.
J. A. W. Neale.
H. Pacey.
H. Payne.
W. Severn.
G. H. Smith.
J. Smith.
W. A. Smith-Cross.
A. Teagle.
G. R. Wiles.
Marlpool and Langley
J. H. Austin.
A. Amos.
K. Baldwin.
R. Bower.
Frank Baker.
Fred Baker.
E. Berry.
C. W. Brown.
P. E. Brown.
R. J. Brown.
J. H. Cooper.
J. L Cook
A. G. Dakin.
L. Eyre.
P. Flint.
D. Flint.
A. E. Fould.
H. Hutchinson.
A. Hodgkinson.
K. Krawzyk.
F. Knowles.
J. T. Milward.
C. W. Martin.
A. Mee.
H. Martin.
J. E. Nicholson.
D. Staley.
J. Steed.
F. Steel.
E. Simms.
A. Stevens.
R. Watson.
H. Walker.
J. W. Wright.

Conflicts and people commemorated

Conflict First World War (1914-1919)
Number died 133
Number served and returned  0
Total names 133
Custodians:Presumed to be the local branch of the Royal British Legion.

Local Authorities:
From WW1: Heanor Parish Council; Heanor Urban District Council; Derbyshire County Council.
From 1974: Heanor and Loscoe Town Council; Amber Valley Borough Council; Derbyshire County Council.
Unknown date: The memorial is believed to have been provided by the Royal British Legion.

18th May, 2015: The memorial was surveyed by Anne and Roy Branson. It was in good condition.
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