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Memorial Title

Bemrose School - Book of Remembrance


Derbyshire War Memorials: a description of a war memorial book of remembrance commemorating the fallen of Bemrose School and the former Derby Municipal Boys School and now in the Derbyshire Record Office at Matlock.
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Last known location:
Derbyshire Record Office
New St
Nearest postcode:

SK 30102 60433
(From online digital mapping.)
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Location details:
In storage.

Previous location:
The Bemrose School
Uttoxeter New Road
Nearest postcode:
DE22 3HU

SK 33627 35631
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Location details:
In a glass-topped case.
Overall type: Book of Remembrance. Overall condition: Fair. The book is intact and cared for but the binding is delicate and needs to be handled with great care. However, the inscription is in good condition and legible.


A bound hardback book of remembrance. The cover is of maroon calfskin with an embossed and gilded school badge and title on the front. The pages are of stout paper and the opening ones contain inscriptions in black calligraphy decorated in purple. Subsequent pages each bear the name and details of one person, mostly with a photograph. The details are in black calligraphy with purple decoration and generally include the full name, rank, unit, date of birth, school attended with dates, and how, when and where died. Most pages refers to a WW2 casualty, but one relates to the Jewish Insurgency in Palestine and an additional page has been pasted into the front relating to a sailor lost in the Falkands Conflict.
The book was originally displayed in a glass-topped case made by boys of the school.


Component Material Height Width Depth Condition
Book Calfskin, card, paper 280 225 45 Fair
Case Wood, glass - - - Lost
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
Front cover: Falklands addition: Title page:
[Deer badge]
Book of
[Portrait photograph]
Boldy, Ian MacDonald
Born ~ Sept 30th 1961
Bemrose School ~ 1973-1978
A.B. (Radar) HMS Argonaut
Killed in the Falkland Islands
May 21st 1982
Roll of Honour
Old Boys
Bemrose School
Who fell in the War

Introduction: Typical page:
[School badge with crown and flags]
These gave
their Lives
[Portrait photograph]
Banks, John Rothwell
Born Jan. 15th. 1917
Bemrose School, 1932-1935
Lieutenant 43rd. Reconnaisance Regt. R.A.C.
Killed in Action ~ Normandy ~ Augt. 5th. 1944

It is not practicable to transcribe all of the pages, but the following names are included:
Hector Ernest Bennett; John Keith Briars; Henry Shand Brown; Joseph Ronald Bird; Geoffrey Booth; Frank Bower; Logie Watson Brown; Douglas James Bullivant; William Buxton; Cyril Douglas Cook; Maurice Henry Davis; Frederick Ralph Percival Burgess; Kenneth Gaukroger; E. Norman Dowdy; Cecil Draper; Harold Edward Dunn; William Norman Eales; Ernest Gordon Elwell; John Raymond Delaney; William Dove; Stanley Evans; Ronald Frearson; William Benjamin Eastwood; Alan Norman Feary; Archibald Frank (Gratton) Clarke; Frank Elliott; Edward Garner; George Muir Gee; Ronald Gee; Norman Glen; Roger Julius Hall; Robert Gerald Hallam; Edward Holmes; Kenneth Brian Howell; Ernest James Ironmonger; Sydney Wallace Johnson; Frederick J Mockridge; Eric McKim; Eric Cecil Wardel-Knight; John Frederick Harris; John Langley; William Hollingworth; Maurice Gordon Lee (Jewish Insurgency); Peter Henry George Lees; Gordon Lester; Alfred James Lewsley; Patrick Douglas Mc.Clemont; Eric Mason; Maurice Rupert Moorley; Francis Norman Matthews; Leonard Granville Moseley; Arthur Gordon Mudd; John Joseph Murphy; John Reginald Page; Richard Rawcliffe; George Verney Reeves; Charles William Renshaw; Maurice Henry Rudge; Donald John Samuel; John Edward Von Schaick; Francis Melville Smith; Francis Richard Walker Smith; William Godfrey Soar; Trvor Tressler Smart; Wilfred Holmes Stapleford; Alexander Bertram Stevenson; John Ernest Tooth; Kenneth Turner; Leonard Webster Topham; James Henry Trott; Edwin Whysall Walters; Raymond Thomas Walton; Albert George Warren; Kenneth William Wright; Ronald Alfred Wright; Thomas Yarker; Albert Dobson; Arthur Donald Poyser; William Parker; George William Lewis Watson; Alec Henry Wallace; Harold Patrick Granger; Francis Peters.

Conflicts and people named:
Conflict Second World War (1939-1945) Jewish Insurgency in Mandatory Palestine
Falklands Conflict
(April-June 1982)
Action Not stated
Number died 83 1 1 85
Number served and returned  0 0 0  0
Total names 83 1 1 85
Custodian: Derbyshire Record Office.

Local authorities:
From WW2: Derby County Borough Council (Derby Corporation)
From 1974: Derby District (later Borough and from 1977 City) Council and Derbyshire County Council.
From 1997 the unitary authority has been Derby City Council
History and Conservation
12th September, 1902: Derby Municipal Secondary School for Boys was founded in Abbey Street.

1928–1930: New school buildings, designed by the architect Alexander Macpherson, were built on a new site on Uttoxeter New Road at a cost of £71,746.

1930: On occupation of the new buildings, the school was renamed Bemrose School and became a boys grammar school.

17th July, 1949: Mr N A Taylor, vice president of the Old Bemrosian Association presented the book to Mr W A Macfarlane, headmaster at a service conducted by the Ven Henry E FitzHerbert MA, Archdeacon of Derby and attended by Cllr G F Warburton, deputy mayor, and Mr C Middleton, director of education.

1975: Bemrose School was merged with Rykneld Boys' Secondary Modern School, became a comprehensive school and was renamed Bemrose Community School.

January 1990 or May 1997: The book was deposited with Derbyshire Record Office.

2009: The school became a Foundation Trust school and its name was changed to The Bemrose School.

19th July, 2018: The book was consulted by Roy Branson at Derbyshire Record office. It was intact and cared for but the binding was delicate and needed to be handled with great care. However, the inscription was in good condition and legible.
Derby Telegraph, 5th July, 1949; p9: an announcement of the forthcoming unveiling ceremony.

Ibid; 8th July, 1949; p3: an article about the memorial and the forthcoming unveiling ceremony.

Ibid; 18th July, 1949; p6 col3: a brief report of the unveiling ceremony of the previous day.

Derbyshire Record Office; Derby ... School ... later Bemrose Community School, Uttoxeter Road, reference D3337.
Many of the fallen named in the book were never pupils of Bemrose School, but were pupils of its predecessor Derby Municipal Boys School. The relevant school is identified in most entries.

A working copy of this book is also recorded on this site.

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