Derbyshire War Memorials
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Memorial Title

St Michael's Church - WW2 Roll of Honour

Derbyshire War Memorials: A description of a WW2 war memorial roll of honour in St Michael's Church, Breaston, Derbyshire.
Setting Memorial Roll of Honour
Last known location:
St Michael's Church
Main St (A6005)
Nearest postcode:
DE72 3DX

SK 46006 33505
(From online digital mapping.)
Location details:
The church is on the south side of the road in the centre of the village. The roll of honour is inside, on the south wall of the south arcade, at the east end.
Overall type: Roll of Honour.

Overall condition: Fair. The inscription is legible.


A framed and glazed paper roll of honour with the heading in red and black capital roman lettering. The names are in black sentence case calligraphy, arranged by service and in seven columns, and the names of the fallen are prefixed with a small red cross. The frame is of wooden moulding.

Component Material Height Width Depth Condition
Roll of Honour Paper 625 520 - Fair
Frame Wood, glass 750 645 20 Fair
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.

First column: Second column: Third column: Fourth column:
T. Ernest Smith
John Oliver Edmands
Donald A. Press
Harold Peter King
James Frank King
William Arden
George Brown Wilson
William Bradshaw
Albert Bradshaw
Kenneth Ivan Elston
Cecil Leslie Norman
George V. Leivers
Thomas Arthur Bullock
Wilfred Arthur Hart.
Kenneth Jaques
Jack Warwick
Reginald C. Cook
Stanley J. Thorlby
Stuard Slater
J. Arthur Owen
Arthur Dennis Hughes
John H. Gillott
Harold Smedley
John Eric Holmes
George William Cook
Thomas William Doughty
Dennis Leslie Smedley
Sidney Joseph Shepherd
 Fifth column: Sixth column: Seventh column:
 Cyril Seals
Kenneth John Tooley
John Edward Sedgwick
John Thomas Swain
Dennis Harry Hales
Ernest Essery
Edgar Herrick Siddals
Reginald Cecil Kerry
Joseph Frederick Smith
[Name erased]
Graham Wyatt
Douglas Denis Kerry
Norman Syson
Muriel Warwick
Richard Hyder
Frederick Arthur Tilling
Kenneth William Hardy
George Angus Harrison
Douglas Howe
Harry Whitby
John Joseph Snodin
First column: Second column: Third column: Fourth column:
Ernest Hardwick
William Hardwick
Sidney Buxton
Charles Delville Tilling
Thomas A Shepherd
Cyril Shepherd
William Ernest Taylor
George Edward Taylor
Donald Hugh Taylor
Donald Taylor
Frederick Wilmot Webster
Thomas Fletcher Brown
Norman Black Wallis
Margaret Isabel Wallis
Leonard Nash
Eric Band
C. William Winfield
Sidney John Gamble
George Gamble
Frank Gamble
Lewis Stone
Arthur Walker
George Henry Walker
Henry Arthur Wheatley
Leonard Wheatley
Frederick Priestley
Ronald Hollingworth
Martin Stephen Lindahl
Eric Tomlinson
Joseph Edward Arden
Ronald Wilkes
Joseph Dornican
George Loomes
August Baroen
Cyril Arthur Hart
Norman Wombwell
Richard Juffs
Harold George Hart
Arnold James Bennett
Conrad Arnold Clare
John Graham Kirkland
Evan Rupert Powell
Lawrence Goodall
Walter A Tunnicliffe
Ronald Slater
Alan Davis
Alfred Tomlinson
Martin Noel Button
Leonora G. Lloyd Davies
Mona Noel Lloyd Davies
Edward Elliott
George E Elliott
William H. Elliott
Horace Elliott
Arthur Elliott
George Cairns
Edward Cairns
Reginald Hermon Gill
+ Ambrose Melland McIlwrick
Roy Sandy
Charles Betts
Cyril Theobald
Gwenneth Joyce Leeke
Ronald Niel Pinfield
Victor Seals
Eric John Towlson
George Johnson
James Alfred Sissons
William Townsend
George Andrew Mawby
Hilda Bowley
Joseph Clifford Barker
Desmond William Baker
George William Bennett
Clarence Nickerson
Moorhouse Wilson
Douglas Bradshaw
Guy Francis Newbold
John Harold Astle-Fletcher
Cyril Clough
Jocelyn Walshaw-Danesford
Albert Edwin Dobbs
John James Murphy
Tony Twells
Kenneth Vincent Chapman
Francis Edward Drumm
Alfred George Ross
Ernest H. Plackett
Cyril Hales
Leslie Hales
Wilfred Hales
Alfred James Rowarth
Frederick Twells
Donald R. Wittering
Dennis Hickman
Dora Mugliston
Ada Mugliston
Charles William Winfield
+ George Rippin
Robert James Rippin
John Rippin
Arthur Leslie Rippin
John Ernest Sanderson
Agnes Ivy Sanderson
Leslie James Sanderson
John H. Coolin
Doris Eileen Jacques
Maurice Albert Jacques
Charles Walter Frearson
John Charles Hunter
Margery F. Isaacs
Harold Isaacs
Dorothy Porter
Ernest Wright
Elsie Joan Brown
Kenneth Clifton
Albert Wilfred Cook
Arthur E. Darby
William Newton
William Warrington
Jean Berrisford
Frank Upton
Walter Gamble
Stephen W. Stanner
George Johnson
William E. Kerry
William Henry Oliver
+ Leslie Tacey
Noel Thomas Tacey
Alfred Tacey
Robert Alfred Turner
Cyril Perkins
Percy Jackson
Reginald Ash
Sam Wibberley
Cyril Darcy Elston
James W. M. Christie
Robert W. Holmes
Frederick Charles Wing
Frederick C. Holmes
Ronald William Bayes
Muriel Edith Bestwick
Maurice Glover
Leslie Plackett
John Samuel Bird
Samuel Grundy
Kathleen O. Green
Robert E. Green
William E. Green
Thurston Hill
George Arthur Kitching
Bernard Stuart Futter
Winifred Mary Hyder
Frederick Laverack
Eric William Shepherd
Christopher Wilson
Basil H. Wallis
Percy Samuel Capewell
Norman Douglas Church
Everard George Stanley Elston
George Hunter Laverie
Derick Austin Press
William Joseph Walker
Edward Danvers
Alfred Leonard Roe
Kenneth Gamble
Arthur Stanley Vick
 Fifth column: Sixth column: Seventh column:
 George William Read
Bertram Robert Mounsey
Thomas Bowmer
+ Albert Bowmer
Ronald N. Gregory
Margaret E. Gregory
William Daft
Harold William Daft
Thomas Henry Daft
Roger Marie L? Vanderputte
Elijah Danvers
Sidney T. Danvers
+ George Wm Hutchinson
Dennis Edward Finch
Harry Summers
George Frederick Goodman
Arthur Brett
Eric Walter Francis Hill
Frederick Wilfred Bigg
Robert Joseph Broom
Maurice H. Chew
Frederick Cripps
Charles Rowlson
Harry Kerr
Stanley T. Doughty
Harold F. Fisher
Dennis Edgar Fisher
Ronald Hollingworth
Walter B. Moorley
Harry Phillips
Harry Renton Warner
Dennis Thornhill
Charles N. Stevens
William Albert Errett
Gordon Evans
Edward Lord
Albert Saville
George Sutton
Frederick Sutton
Arthur James Till
Dora Gwartney
Vincent George Wainwright
George Frederick Snowdon
Reginald Fred Snowdon
Derrick Lough Spencer
Harold Ainsworth
Jeff Frederick Beernaert
Edna Beadling
Cecil Clifton
Roy Squire
Sidney John Gidlow
Albert Little
Percy Guest Parkin
George Stanley Wombwell
Harold Jones
Basil William Page
Albert Ault
George W. Beatson
Harry Beatson
Charles Bradley
Clifford William Smith
Garland Gill Brown
Charles Nevil Stevens
Ernest John Clark
Frank Kent
Alan Davis
Arthur Eaton
Bernard Spiers
Edwin Albert Morris
Cecil Leslie Norman
George A. Powles
Lionel P. Sheppard
William Sherwood
Joan Llewela Bamford
Leslie Wm James Bamford
Philip Douglas Hall
[+] Kenneth Hooley
Bernard Walter Morley
Jack Seal
Percy George Slater
Jozef Beernaert
Ernest Elliott
Horace Bennett
Ronald Hollingworth
Charles Duriex
Frank Parker
William James Allen
Thomas Herbert Allen
Eddie Gill
Frank Holden Knowles
[Name erased]
Peter Frederick Haeck
Elsie Joan Robinson
Leslie Arthur Hardy
James William Bembridge
Kenneth Henry Jowett
John Frederick James
John Parr
Dennis O. Taylor
Walter A. Whitehead
Albert Beecham
Arthur G. Parnell
Amos Arthur Dawson
Hubert H. Dawson
George Roberts
John Norman Richardson
Bernard Stevenson
Leslie W. Hanford
Percy Samuel Capewell
Christopher Derrick
+ Raymond Arthur Derrick
Samuel Kilborn Fowkes
Mary Elizabeth Guard
Leonard Mountford
Donald King
Dennis Walter Brewin
Francis Eric Brewin
Joy Winifred Haeck
Arthur Hutchinson
Hedley Vincent Iliffe
Francis Parr
Doreen May Wallace
Thomas Burton Smith
Wilfred Denis Smith
Ernest Arton Smith
Noel Button
Richard Ed Kenderdine
First column: Second column: Third column: Fourth column:
James Crawford Forster
George Raymond Matchett
Henry Hassall
William Dodson
Dennis Dodson
Reginald White
Thomas Arthur Day
C. Mary Day
Eric Raymond Wills
Elsie M. Brewin
Sidney Leslie Knowles
Elsie Irene Derrick
William John Northover
George Snowdon
George H. Haslehurst
Frederick Ralph Turner
+ Keith Lloyd Davies
George Brown
Albert Brown
Norman Bertrand Bestwick
Ronald Douglas Middleton
Cecil Harold Fox
Charles Roy Slack
Francis Terence Robinson
Ruth Mary Turner
John Plummer
Cliff Marshall
Edwin Draper
Jack Elm
Albert Edward Sanderson
Norman J. W. Brittain
Alec Henry Lawley
Nancy Lawley
Ronald William Jardine
William Burton
Walter Gill
James Toner
Frederick Wilfred Bigg
Henry A. Rea
+ Kenneth Gawkroger
Stanley Arnold Fletcher
Alfred Langham
Joseph Michael Wilson
Ernest Wright
Dennis Beers
Dennis Willoughby Peet
Kenneth Daft
Ronald Woodward
Bernard Webster
+ Ronald Pead
Joseph Peter Bayliff
Peter J. T. Rose
 Fifth column: Sixth column: Seventh column:
 George Kenneth Slater
Donald Edwin Simpson
John Jones
George Speed
Marjorie E. Walker
John Charles Hunter
John Thomas Swain
Sadie Archer
Ken Walker
George Gladwin Burrows
Margery P. Thornhill
Joyce Haeck
Bernard Webster
Doreen King
Doreen Barbara King
Phyllis King
Iris Violet Foster
Albert Royal Wall
Frederick J. Leuty
Edwin Draper
Eileen Tivey
Basil William Wittering
Patricia Hassall
Leonard Henshaw
John Edgar Grebby
Norris Frank Smith
Philip H. Roberts
Ida Longfield
Constance May Stevens
Thomas Harry West
John Frederick Wain
Ronald Norman
Ronald Arthur Thompson
James Lewis Haddon
James Henry Large
Archie Lightbody
BEVIN BOYS Kenneth Grebby Reginald Grebby Noel Leeke
C.D. + Derek Stanley Needham + Eric Sedgwick

Conflicts and people named:
Conflict Second World War (1939-1945)
Number died  12
Number served and returned 435
Total names 447
Custodian: Presumed to be the Parochial Church Council

Local authorities:
From WW2: Breaston Parish Council; Shardlow Rural District Council; Derbyshire County Council.
From 1974: Breaston Parish Council; Erewash Borough Council; Derbyshire County Council.
13th January 2016: The memorial was surveyed by Roy Branson and Alan Willmot. It was in fair condition. The inscriptions and names were transcribed by Annette Carter.
Page © Roy Branson