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Memorial Title

Stanley, Stanley Common and Smalley Common

Derbyshire War Memorials: a description of a WW1 war memorial roll of honour for Stanley, Stanley Common and Smalley Common now in the United Church of All Saints, Stanley Common, Derbyshire.
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Last known location:
United Church of All Saints
Belper Rd (A609)
Stanley Common
Nearest postcode:

SK 41497 42376
(From online digital mapping.)
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Location details:
On the north wall of the chancel.

Previous location:
Smalley Common United
 Methodist Free Church
Belper Rd (A609)
Smalley Common
Nearest postcode:

SK 41187 42548
(From online digital mapping.)
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Location details:
The church closed in 2003.
Overall type: Tablet.

Overall condition: Fair. The inscription is legible and the memorial is cared for.


A framed and glazed roll of honour. The paper roll is printed in black upright decorative lettering, the heading in capitals and the names in sentence case, the latter arranged in approximate alphabetical order in three columns. Not all of the subjects have full details given but those who gave their lives are marked with a cross. The frame is of plain wooden moulding.


Component Material Height Width Depth Condition
Roll of honour Paper 560 445 - Fair
Frame Wood, glass 665 540 20 Fair
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
1914 1919

Column 1: Column 2:
 Arthur, H.Private, Notts and Derby.
 Ashford, T.Private, Notts and Derby.
 Astill, A.Sergeant, Notts and Derby.
+Attenborough, ArthurRifleman, K.R.R.C.
 Attenborough, James E.Rifleman, K.R.R.C.
+Allenborough, ThomasPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Bacon, Arthur StanleyPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Bacon, E.Private, Notts and Derby.
 Baker, Edward.
 Bancroft, AlbertRifleman, K.R.R.C.
 Barker, ThomasPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Barlow, Ernest
 Barlow, William
 Bingham, AlfredSergeant, Durham L.I.
 Bloor, ErnestA.V.C.
 Bosworth, Henry A.
 Brown, A Slater
 Brown, FrederickTrooper, Hussars
+Brown, ReginaldTrooper, Lancers
 Bunting, AlbertCorporal, Notts and Derby.
 Burton, SamPrivate, R.M.A.
 Carlin, AlbertPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Carlin, Frank
 Carlin, Samuel
 Carrier, JamesGunner, R.F.A.
 Chilton, Frederick
+Clare, George JamesCorporal, Royal Irish Regiment
 Clark, Edgar WilliamSignaller, R.F.A.
 Clark, Joseph ThomasFarrier, A.F.C.
+Cope, WilliamGunner, R.F.A.
+Costall, RobertPrivate, Durham L.I.
 Cotton, GeorgeSapper, R.E.
 Cowley, J.Lance-Corporal, Notts and Derby.
 Cresswell, Charles Henry
+Cresswell, ErnestWireless Operator, R.N.
 Cross, ChristopherPrivate, Leicester Regt.
+Davis, ArnoldPrivate, Leicester Regt.
+Davis, ThomasPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Dilks, AllenPrivate, R.A.M.C.
 Disney, W. D.Lance-Corporal, Leicester Regt.
+Durow, William1st Class Boy, H.M.S. Formidable.
 Ecob, T.Driver, Notts and Derby.
 Ellicott, Walter
 Elliott, AlbertPrivate, Grenadier Guards.
 Elliott, HarryGunner, R.H.A.
+Elliott, RichardPrivate, Grenadier Guards.
 Fancourt, FrederickPrivate, Grenadier Guards.
 Fletcher, CharlesPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Fletcher, JamesPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Flint, George WilliamRifleman, T.R.B.
 Flint, IvanGunner, R.F.A.
 Flint, F. W.Rifleman, T.R.B.
 Frost, NormanPrivate, M.T. A.S.C.
 Frost, T. S. N.Private, Leicester Regt.
 Gibbins, J.Bombardier, R.F.A.
 Gilbert, S.
 Green, HerbertGunner, R.F.A.
 Grocock, Thomas William
 Hall, George HenryPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Hart, Lawrence A.Corporal, Motor Transport.
 Hartshorn, A. E.
 Hartshorn, Cyril
 Hartshorn, GeorgeGunner, R.F.A.
 Haynes, AlfredPrivate, K.O.Y.L.I.
 Haynes, AnthonySergeant, Derbyshire Yeomanry
 Haynes, FrankSapper, R.E.
 Hemstock, Charles HenryPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Hemstock, PercySignaller, R.F.A.
 Hewins, Geoffrey ShawY.M.C.A.
+Holloway, SamuelCoy.-Serg.-Major S. Staffs. Regt.
 Holmes, UriahSeaman, H.M.S. Vengeance
 Horsley, WilliamPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Hort, Horace JephsonPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Hort, SamuelPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Hort, WalterRifleman, K.R.R.C.
 Huggins, Alfred
 Hunt, Henry
 Hunt, JosephPrivate, A.S.C. Remounts.
+James, Joseph WilliamPrivate, Grenadier Guards.
+Keats, FrederickPrivate, North Staffs. Regt.
 Kerry, Ernest ArthurGunner, R.G.A.
 Kerry, James ReginaldSeaman Gunner.
 Knowles, Albert CyrilDriver, M.T. A.S.C.
 Lawn, Joseph HenryGunner, Heavy Trench Mortar Batt.
 Longden, HiramDriver, R.F.A.
 Longden, JonathanGunner, R.F.A.
+Longden, LewisGunner, R.F.A.
 Longden, Walter
 Lord, EdwardDriver, Notts and Derby.
+Males, DavidPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Males, DolahPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Males, IsaacPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Malpas, Everard
 Mansfield, WilliamSapper, R.E.
 Martin, George Vernon
 Martin, Hector R.Rifleman, T,R,B.
 Martin, InmanCorporal, Notts and Derby.
 Martin, JohnStoker, H.M.S. Scourge.
 Marson, WilliamPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Mee, Albert
+Mee, George RidgardPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Mee, Reginald
+Morgan, George HamiltonMajor (acting), Roy. Welch Fus.
 Moss, James ArthurTrooper, Hussars.
 Moss, WilliamPrivate, Notts and Derby.
+ Gave their Lives for their Country. R.I.P.

Column 3:
Conflicts and people named:
Conflict First World War (1914-1919) Totals
Number died  20  20
Number served and returned 137 137
Total names 157 157
 Murfin, Charles Henry
+Newton, HarryPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Outram, William T.Trooper, South Notts Hussars.
 Pallett, James AlfredLance-Corpl., Worcester Regt.
 Pallett, ThomasBombardier, R.F.A.
 Pepper, Lewis
 Pritchett, JohnDriver, R.F.A.
 Roberts, Percy
 Robinson, Harold
 Roome, C.
 Roome, J.
 Seymour, H.Private, Notts and Derby.
 Shaw, Walter
+Sigley, RolandPrivate, K.O.Y.L.I.
 Simpson, Ernest
 Simpson, Samuel
 Smales, AlfredPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Smales, Charles CurtisPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Stafford, ArthurLance-Corporal, K.R.R.C.
 Steadman, WilliamPrivate.
 Stevenson, HarryPrivate, Staffordshire Regt.
 Stone, ArthurPrivate.
 Stone, ErnestGunner, R.F.A.
 Talbot, William
 Taylor, GeorgePrivate, A.S.C.
 Taylor, SidneyGunner, R.F.A.
 Taylor, ThomasPrivate, A.O.C.
 Thompson, HarryTrooper, Hussars
 Thompson, H. W.Gunner, R.F.A.
 Thompson, J. W.Trooper, Hussars
 Thompson, W.Gunner, R.F.A.
 Tuerlinck, J. JulienClairon, Infanterie Belge.
 Wain, H.Private, Notts and Derby.
 Wain, WilliamPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Waldron, GeorgePrivate, Lancashire Fus.
 Walters, F.
 Walters, MarkGunner, R.F.A.
 Watchorn, A. TurtonSergeant, R.F.A.
 Watson, ArthurPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Webster, George Radford
 Wheatley, Arthur WilliamGunner, R.H.A.
 Wheatley, Ernest
 Whitby, EnochPrivate, Royal Marines.
 Whiteman, Frederick
 Wild, GeorgeSergeant, A.S.C.
 Winfield, George HenrySapper, R. E.
 Winfield, HaroldPrivate, Notts and Derby.
 Winfield, SamuelPrivate, Duke of Cornwall's L.I.
 Wood, DavidPrivate, Leicester Regt.
 Wood, Horace
 Wray, Charles Alfred
 Yates, Wilfred ArthurRifleman, K.R.R.C.
Custodian: Presumed to be the Parochial Church Council

Local authorities:
From WW1: Stanley Parish Council; Shardlow Rural District Council; Derbyshire County Council.
From 1974: Stanley and Stanley Common Parish Council; Erewash Borough Council; Derbyshire County Council.
Smalley Common United Methodist Free Church closed in 2003 and the congregation merged with that of the Church of All Saints. It is presumed that the memorial was moved at about that time. The Methodist Church has subsequently been demolished and houses built on the site.

13th December, 2013: The memorial was surveyed by Roy Branson and Alan Willmot. It was in fair condition and well cared for.
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