Derbyshire War Memorials
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Memorial Title

Cpl J Cooper DCM


Derbyshire War Memorials: a description of a WW1 war memorial plaque to Cpl John Cooper DCM at the roadside in New Mills, Derbyshire.
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Last known location:
Torr Top St
New Mills
Nearest postcode:
SK22 4BS

SK 00032 85435 ±5m
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Location details:
On the western side of the road, near the junction with Rock St
Overall type: Plaque. Overall condition: Fair. The inscription is legible and the memorial is cared for.


A metal plaque in a stone frame set into a stone wall at the roadside. The circular metal plaque has a narrow raised border with inscriptions in sloping and upright sentence-case black lettering. The square sandstone frame has sprays of foliage with a deer in each corner, all in relief.


Component Material Height Width Depth Condition
Plaque Metal 560 dia - Good
Frame Sandstone 750 750 - Good
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
'Bravo, Torr Top!
This part of New Mills is famed forever by giving its
name to one of the hottest parts of the battle line in France.
In Torr Top Street there is a winner of the Distinguished
Conduct Medal and a winner of the Military Medal, whilst
in the little street below the Torr Top Mission there is another winner
of the Distinguished Conduct Medal and another winner of the
Military Medal. All honour to Torr Top! Where in England is there
another place so small in area which has so distinguished itself in the war?
Torr Top should be enshrined in the hearts of New Mills people!
Torr Top, above all other places, should be made a place fit for heroes to live'
High Peak Reporter 1919
Corporal John Cooper of Torr Top Street joined the Sherwood Foresters in
1914. He served in France throughout the war. He was both gassed and
wounded. Corporal Cooper was awarded the DCM 'for Distinguished
Conduct in the field'. But he had another claim to fame for it was he
who gave the name Torr Top to a trench in the Ypres area.
The name was printed on a board and appeared on the official
Military Map. Following the Armistice the board, splattered
still with the mud of Flanders, was presented to the town.

Conflicts and people named:
Conflict First World War (1914-1919) Totals
Action Not stated
Number died 0 0
Number served and returned 1 1
Total names 1 1
Custodian: Presumed to be New Mills Town Council.

Local authorities:
From 1974: New Mills Town Council; High Peak Borough Council; Derbyshire County Council.
History and Conservation
1985: The New Mills Conservation Area was first designated, though it has been subsequently extended. The memorial lies within the current boundary.

22nd October, 2002: The plaque was unveiled by George Cooper, grandson of Cpl Cooper. Also present was Callum, the great-grandson of Cpl Cooper, five representatives of the Sherwood Foresters with the regimental mascot, Pte Derby, and members of the Town Council.

12th June, 2018: The memorial was surveyed by Roy Branson and Alan Willmot. It was in good condition and cared for.
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