Derbyshire War Memorials
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Memorial Title

Bletchley Park Operatives (Lost)

Derbyshire War Memorials: a description of a lost war memorial well dressing commemorating the work of women operatives at Bletchley Park, at Bank St, Hayfield, Derbyshire.
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Last known location:
Bank St
Nearest postcode:
SK22 2EQ

SK 03764 87000
(From online digital mapping.)
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Location details:
The dressing was on the north side of Bank St, at the western well in the retaining wall adjacent to Kinder Rd..
Overall type: Well dressing Overall condition: Lost


A temporary well dressing tableau traditionally made from vegetation pressed into clay held in a wooden frame, but today often including pebbles, chippings, beads, fabric etc. The dressing comprised an upright oblong central panel depicting a woman in civilian office clothes, sitting at a desk transcribing data from a coding machine or calculator, and with other women in the background doing similar work. Two narrow side panels bore abstract symbols possibly representing code settings, and a nowy-headed top panel bore the main title in cream sentence case sloping lettering. Most of the dressing was in shades of greens and browns.
The well dressing was displayed from 1st to 8th July, 2018 and was subsequently dismantled.


Component Material Height Width Depth Condition
Mosaic Plant material,
stone, clay
c2400 c2000 c50 Lost
Frame Wood c2400 c2000 c50 Unknown
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
Women at War
Bletchley Park
Conflicts and people named:
Conflict Not stated * Totals
Action Not stated
Number died 0 0
Number served and returned 0 0
Total names 0 0
* Bletchley Park was developed as the main site for decoding enemy messages during WW2 but continued, and developed, during the Cold War.
Custodian: Not known.

Local authorities:
From 1974: Hayfield Parish Council; High Peak Borough Council; Derbyshire County Council.
History and Conservation
Spring 2018: The memorial well dressing was designed and constructed by members of the local community.

1st July, 2018: The memorial was blessed by the local clergy.

1st July, 2018: The memorial was photographed by Glyn Williams

9th July, 2018: The dressing was dismantled and the components salvaged for future use.
Many women operatives were engaged at Bletchley Park not only as cryptographers, but as administrators, secretaries and messengers. Some were civilians but many were seconded from womens military units.

Well dressing details are available from the site run by Glyn Williams.

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