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Memorial Title

Newhall and Stanton - Composite


Derbyshire War Memorials: a description of a composite war memorial at Newhall Park commemorating the fallen of Newhall and Stanton.
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Last known location:
Newhall Park
Main St (B5353)
Nearest postcode:
DE11 0TW

SK 28545 20865 ±6m
Location details:
Near the northern boundary of Newhall Park.
Overall type: Composite.

Overall condition: Good. The inscription is legible.


A sandstone tablet bearing smaller tablets and plaques and accompanied by benches.

The freestanding sandstone tablet has stopped chamfers to the top and sides, large recesses on the 6 and 12 o'clock faces and surmounts a sandstone plinth. At the head of the 6 o'clock face is an incised inscription in upright capital roman lettering. The recesses on the 6 o'clock face contain upright oblong slate tablets bearing the names of the fallen in upright sentence case block lettering coloured white. The 9 and 3 o'clock faces bear small oblong brass plaques bearing support and sponsorship information.

The four nearby metal benches have decorative backrests depicting scenes and images; two relating to WW1 and two relating to WW2.


Component Material Height Width Depth Condition
Tablet Sandstone 1525 1800 405 Good
Plinth Sandstone 60 2305 905 Good
Left tablet Slate 900 500 20 Good
Upper right tablet Slate 550 500 20 Good
Lower right tablet Slate 330 500 20 Good
Plaque x2 Brass 200 200 2 Good
Bench x4 Mild steel 1000 1600 600 Good
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
Head of 6 o'clock face of sandstone tablet:
Left slate tablet: Upper right slate tablet:
1914 — 1918 1939 — 1945
Adams J
Adams W
Alesbrook G
Allsop G
Barker WE
Beard A246
Beard A320
Beeson JH
Bennett E
Bennett J
Bircher T
Bird A
Bladon H
Boam FH
Brealey BS
Brewin JW
Brown H
Brown W
Clowes JEH
Comley CH
Cook H
Cooper CE
Copstake W
Dawson TS
Deighton W
Dennis F
Dobson SH
Draper W
Draycott G
Dunn EJ
Earp JA
Eves FT
Eyley H
Fairbrother H
Faulkner CH
Fish T
Fish WH
Gazey W
Goadsby P
Goodwin G
Gough H
Greaves W
Green JH
Green T
Hall AJ
Hardwick JR
Harvey D
Harvey WG
Hibberd H
Hill L
Horrobin M
Hough JW
Illsley J
Insley A MM
Insley PAH
James T
Jones J
Kirkland J
Lathbury D
Lawley JP
Layte A
Mansfield JC
Marriott A
Marriott D
Martin G
Matthews A
Matthews G
Meadows GS
Moon T
Nettle A MM
Nettle W
Orme JW
Paling G
Parker W
Radford S
Redfern GF
Redfern JJ
Redfern T
Redfern W
Richardson JW
Rogers A
Round A
Rowbottom G
Sharpe A
Shaw J
Slack FE
Smart D
Smart J
Smart W
Staley D MM
Staley E
Staley J
Stephenson T MM
Stone J
Thomas GL
Tilley T
Wileman A MM
Wilkinson A
Wilkinson CW
Williams EJ
Wright A
Astle N
Bailey GW
Bannister S
Baxter B
Belcher SE
Bennett LJ
Birch HA
Bodell A
Booth L
Brealey CA
Brearly R
Briars GF
Butler AI MC
Collins HH
Collins JH
Cooper H
Cotton JE
Cox RH
Davis LV
Doughty J
Dugan JF
Eames A
Eames AJ
Ebberley J
Fairbrother RB
Fletcher SJ
Gardner EE
Hardwick GA
Hardwick H
Harper F
Harvey C
Hinds E
Insley JH
Joyce GB
Locker FC
Morley SH
Pratt S
Sharpe M
Shaw J
Sherratt DG
Shipp RI DSM
Smart J
Smith A
Smith H
Staley R
Taylor FSJ
Thomas RM
Varty JH
Wall H
Ward JRB
Webster E
Webster F
Whetton JA
Woodgate JE
Wright E
Wright J
Lower right slate tablet:
Other Conflicts:
Hall KW
Aston RC

Plaque on 9 o'clock face of sandstone tablet:
The Friends of Newhall Park erected this Memorial in 2016
to commemorate those from Newhall and Stanton
who died serving their country.
Special thanks to the sponsors:
SDDC Community Partnership Fund
The Rotary Club of Bretby
The Royal Oak Boxing Club
The Newhall Scouts group
The Lamb Inn Bowls club
The Newhall & District WI group
St John's Church, Newhall
David Wain Insurance Ltd
Florette UK & Ireland Ltd
Derbyshire County Councillor Sean Bambrick
Joan & Barry Woods
Mrs Ruth Mansfield and family (in memory of Mr David Mansfield
Mrs Kay Tomlinson(in memory of those lost in conflict)
Glyn Jackson
Plaque on 3 o'clock face of sandstone tablet:
To acknowledge the support given by Rotary to
The Friends of Newhall Park
For improvements to the Park
and the Community Memorial Project
2013 - 2016

Conflicts and people named:
ConflictFirst World War

Second World War

Jewish Insurgency in
Mandatory Palestine
Iraq War

Number died1015611159
Number served and returned 0 000 0
Total names1015611159
Custodian: The Friends of Newhall Park

Local authorities:
From WW2: Stanton and Newhall Parish Council; Swadlincote District Urban District Council; Derbyshire County Council
From 1974: Unparished; South Derbyshire District Council; Derbyshire County Council.
2016: The memorial was erected by the Friends of Newhall Park at a cost od £23,000 raised by sponsorship and donations. The benches were made by Ogilvie Street & Park Furniture.

3rd July, 2016: The memorial was unveiled in the presence of WC Phil Giles OBE, Deputy Lieutenant of Derbyshire; Cllr Pat Murray, Chairman of South Derbyshire District Council; Heather Wheeler MP; Stuart Allen, Royal British Legion Membership Council Representative - East Midlands at a service conducted by Rev Kath Wood.

24th August, 2016: The memorial was surveyed by Roy Branson and Alan Willmot. It was in good condition.
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