Derbyshire War Memorials
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St George's Church - Book of Remembrance
Last known location:
St George's Church
Church La
Nearest postcode:
DE73 7JU

SK 35134 24104
(From online digital mapping)
Location details:
On display on a side table in the nave.
Overall type: Book of Remembrance

Overall condition: Good. The inscription is legible.


A loose leaf binder containing computer printed pages including a list of names, biographies and descriptions of the various other memorials in the village.

Component Material Height Width Depth Condition
Folder Paper, card 320 285 75 Good
Dimensions in millimetres ±5mm unless stated otherwise.
+ Aplin Douglas
Archer James
+ Banton Arthur
Banton Ernest
Banton William
+ Bates Harry
Beard Charles
Betteridge George
Betteridge Harold
Bloor Albert E.
Bloor Ernest
+ Bloor William H.
Bond Frederick
Brearley George
Brearley John
Brierley Philip
Bromley Herbert
Cartlidge Arthur
+ Cartlidge Henry
Clarke Frank
Clarke John
Clarke Walter
Cook Christopher
Cook John
Cook Lammas
Cook Richard
Cooper Richard
Cooper Walter
Cowley Harry
Craven Thomas
Cross Edmund
Cross Samuel G
Dexter Alfred
Dexter Arthur N.
Dexter John
+ Dexter Richard W.
Dexter William H.
Draper Arthur W.
Draper John
Draper John H.
Draper Robert
Gale Alfred
Gee Arthur
+ Gee George H.
Gee George T.
Gee Henry
Gee Walter
Harrison James
Harrison Harry M (Lieut)
Harrison John P (Capt)
HarrisonWilliam J. W.
Harrison Wiliam
Hatton George T.
Hatton William
Hill Arthur
Hill Richard
Holmes Walter
Holt Henry
+ Holt James
Hudson George J.
Hulse Archibald
Hulse William R.
+ Hyde John
+ Hyde Wilfred
Heafield Harry
James Albert
+ James Archibald
James George
James Statham
+ Jones James W.
Jones William
Joynes James W.
Joynes Samuel
Joynes Vauncey
Kirkman Arthur
Kirkman Walter
Kirkman Walter
Langdon Edgar
Leese Albert
Lloyd Eric (Capt)
Lloyd Reginald B (Capt)
Marriott Alfred
Marriott Edward
Marriott Edwin
Marriott George
+ Marriott George H.
Marriott George H.
Marriott George T.
Marriott John
+ Marriott Joseph
Marriott William J
Massey Charles
Massey William
Mear Ernest
Miller George W
Minion Garton
Noble Wilson
+ Parkes Ernest
Painter Walter
Rawding Robert
Rawding William
Sadler John
Sanders William
+ Senior Albert M (Capt)
Shaw George H.
Shreeve Roland
Smart Charles
Smedley Thomas
Smith Albert
+ Smith Arthur
Smith George
Smith Harry
Soar Henry
Soar William H.
Spencer Thomas
Sutton Charles
Swift Frank
Thacker William
Topliss Clifford
Wardle John
Wardle Samuel
Wilkinson Alfred
Wilkinson John
Woodward Joseph
+ Woodward Seth
+ Woodward William
Woodward Frank
Wright Harry

Conflicts and people named
Conflict First World War (1914-1919)
Number died  19
Number served and returned 109
Total names 128
Custodian: Unknown.

Local authorities:
After WW1: Ticknall Parish Council; Hartshorne and Seals Rural District Council; Derbyshire County Council.
After WW2: Ticknall Parish Council; Repton Rural District Council; Derbyshire County Council.
From 1974: Ticknall Parish Council; South Derbyshire District Council; Derbyshire County Council.
17th November, 1972: The church lies in the Ticknall Conservation Area first designated on that date.

16th January, 1987: The church was listed Grade II, Heritage List for England reference 1334583.

19th May. 2015: The memorial was recorded by Roy Branson and Alan Willmot. It was in good condition.
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